Ways to Spider-Proof Your Home

10 Easy Ways to Spider-Proof Your Home

Did you know there are over 45,000 species of spiders KNOWN to humanity? There are many more yet to be discovered! The common house spider seems like no nuisance, but when they start spinning webs and get up to tricks, that’s where the hell breaks loose. 

Most remedial measures attack the spiders’ sensory organs. Unlike common belief, spiders taste and smell through particular sensory organs on their legs and pedipalps. 

The best spider-repellent remedies are easy, often overlooked, and lie in your very home!. 

Here Are Some of the Natural Spider Control Tips for a Spider-Proof Home:

1. Lemon- In All Its Forms

Citrus fruits

Lemon or even citrus fruit peels are loaded with aroma! This particular fragrance, when picked up by spidey senses, is strong and overpowering. It causes spiders to hate the smell of any citrus elements in your kitchen when appropriately harnessed. So, keep some peels in nooks and crannies, in window panes, and the garden of your home- the smell will please you, but repel them! 

Pro Tip: You can add drops of lemon or orange essential oil on the peels for that added knock-out punch! 

2. Pop Open The Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil

The best way to use peppermint oil is to make yourself a Diffuser! Add ten drops to hot water, put it in a spray bottle, and you have the perfect pest repellent. The outstanding quality of this essential oil is that it repels many more pests, not only your common spider. Use the spray on your curtains, furniture, plants, walls, and watch spiders flee the scene instantly. 

Quick Tip: Bring home an organic & 100% non-toxic spider repellent spray if you’re up to the whole DIY trend. 

There are RIGHT ways to use a home repellent spray. Here's Your Guide!

3. The Vinegar and Cinnamon Oil Combo

Vinegar and Cinnamon Oil Combo

White vinegar has loads of acetic acid, something that spiders HATE! Cinnamon oil has a breathtaking odour, LITERALLY. It is powerful and repels spiders immediately. Combining these two ingredients in a spritzer or spray with warm water will do the trick in repelling the spiders from your home with harmful chemicals and toxins. 

4. Turn Off The Lights


Spiders, much like moths, are drawn to the light. Keep the lights off outside your home whenever you can. If you need to keep the light turned on inside, make sure you draw your drapes so that spiders don’t crawl inside the house. Keep the windows and doors closed. You don’t want a scary trail of spiders like Harry and Ron see in the Chamber of Secrets. Keep your chambers secret and spider-free!

Tried And Tested Natural Ways To Get Rid of Spiders

5. Bring in The Chestnuts


Using conkers all over your house can be a great way to decorate your home and repel spiders. A study shows that chestnuts have certain chemicals that spiders do not like. They will free from your home the minute they pick up the odor from your conkers. If you don’t want to go positively bonkers fighting spiders on your own, then use conkers to save the day! 

Helpful Tip: Place aesthetic chestnuts on window panes as a coffee table decorative element and other spots of your home to repel spiders with panache.

6. Give Your Garden A Facelift


Keeping your garden clean is more important than you think. It may be difficult to imagine, but spiders DO come from the outside, and they can lounge in your potted plants or herbs. You’ll want to keep the grass kept, shrubs trimmed, and keep the garden clean- in general. After the primary steps, it’ll be easier to spot spiders lurking, if any.

7. Lavender for Stress-Free and Spider-Free Lives


If you haven’t brought the magical beauty of lavender into your home, it’s time you do! Growing potted lavender plants and placing them all around your house creates not just an aromatic force field but spider-proofs your home. The aroma that relaxes you will put spiders into a formula-1 racetrack that leads OUT of your home, for GOOD! 

Pro-Tip: Add 15 drops of lavender essential oil into a spray bottle with warm water. Spray, de-stress and watch the spiders run away.

Need some new spider repellent DIYs? Here are some fresh and safe ideas!

8. The Testament of Baking Soda

Baking Soda

A great way to repel spiders is to use baking soda. The smell is intolerable, and they won’t even feel like coming inside, no matter how many comfy web-making spots your home has! Sprinkle baking soda around the perimeter of your home and even indoors. Create a border and dust the powder in a trail that leads to the most common spider-infested areas.

9. Cover Up the Food! 

Cover Up the Food

Fruits and vegetables that are rotting or even exposed food attract flies, spiders, and insects. Keep the food in your house in the places where it belongs:

  • Under lids
  • In the fridge, and 
  • In your BELLY! 

Here’s another valuable tip, make sure you wash the groceries well when you come home. You don’t want spiders coming free from the local market.

10. Vacuum The Webs

Spider Webs

Spiders lay eggs in their webs, and you know what THAT means- MORE SPIDERS to make your life a menace! Bring out your Dyson or whatever they’re calling vacuums these days and just suck ‘em all up! 

Another thing to remember while cleaning out the vacuum is to do it carefully without bringing back trails into the house. 

The more natural, easy, and DIY your spider-repelling methods are, the more effective. Spiders and many pests become immune to the chemicals, so using them is not a long shot; it’s a dead-end. So follow any or all of these tips and watch them crawl out as quickly as they came inside.


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