Major Reasons Why Rat Poison Is Not A Good Rat Repellent For Home

3 Major Reasons Why Rat Poison Is Not A Good Rat Repellent For Home

Even when toxic chemicals and pesticides are polluting the earth’s surface, people can't seem to stop using poisons and chemicals as a means of getting control over rat infestations. But along with several long term side effects in a domestic environment, there are some major environmental issues that arise with the use of these chemicals. More than 80-90% of the local wildlife (foxes, bobcats, owls, hawks, coyotes) has been falling prey to these poisons and is either killed or sickened by these chemicals.

Most importantly, they are not at all suitable for use in a domestic setting, especially if you have kids in your household. According to reports, rat-poisons endanger about 10,000 children every year in the US. and most of them are under six (Scientific American, 2021). Why? Well, here are three major reasons that will help you realize why you need to stop using rat poison and acids in your house as a means of controlling a rodent infestation.

1. Accidental Spills

Accidental Spills

If you are using acids in your rat traps, you always face the risk of accidental spills. In those kinds of situations, you might meet with accidents like acid burns. This is quite common as unknowingly, you might tip the acid container, which might cause it to spill. As acid is something that must be handled carefully, most accidents happen while pouring the liquid into the trap. Even if you get to avoid such occurrences and manage to injure a rat, there remains a possibility of the rat escaping after being burnt and carrying the acid drops on its skin around the house. 

Moreover, acid is not recommended for use in a domestic scenario as acids release toxic fumes when they react to the air, which is harmful to inhale. As acids react to organic matter, they let out toxic gases which are not at all healthy. All these fumes and gases are in no way suitable for a domestic environment.

2. Accidental Ingestion

rodent infestation

Most households rely on poison as a means of rodent infestation control. But with such methods, especially in households with pets or children, you always run the risk of accidental ingestion. As rat poison these days is mostly sold in the form of cake or rat powder, accidental ingestions are quite easily possible.

If you ask professionals for effective rodent control products, they are most likely to recommend naturally derived rodent repellent sprays and rodent repellent granules. If you have any questions regarding their effectiveness, you can give this blog a read and enjoy a rodent free home.

Effectiveness of Rodent Repellent Granules

3. Biohazard


Most rat poisons advertise themselves as a product that tempts rats to take a bite, only to drive them away to die somewhere else. This may sound like an amazing concept, but it is counterproductive and an extreme biohazard. This is because if you have a big house, it is most likely that the rat will eat the poison and die in some secluded corner of the house like the attic, which won't be easily noticeable. This can be a huge problem as the poisoned rat is most likely to die and rot in one corner of the house; it is bound to attract flies and other disease-spreading germs. 

If you are still taking this lightly, you can read our blog to understand why cluttered up balconies make the best hiding spot for rodents. In fact, cluttered balconies and attics are among the most frequented spots for rodents, and they are most likely to end up there. Remember, if they do end up in these hard to reach places where you are less likely to spot them, you will have a huge biohazard in your house, which will put your family’s health at risk.

Moreover, the poisoned rat will also let out a bad odour along with other bodily fluids. This means that it can make your house inhospitable and even prove fatal if you don't clean it up soon. Also, you need to keep in mind that if you try to clean a poisoned organic matter without proper safety equipment, you also put your own health at risk.

I hope these three reasons prove to be more than enough for you to stop using rat poisons. As an alternative, you can always switch to nature-based products like mice repellent sprays. Using nature-based products or naturally derived products are an excellent idea as they are safer for a domestic environment. And most importantly, they are effective.

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