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3 Surprising Nature-Based Hacks That Keeps Rodents Away

If you are looking for solutions to rat problems and all the answers you seem to get are mostly poison and rat traps, don’t worry; we got you covered with much easier solutions. If the idea of trapping rats makes you worry about the idea of handling them and disposing of them, it is completely fine because you are not alone. Most people do not like the idea of using rat poisons or acid because they are afraid of the accidents and burns it can cause due to spills and accidental ingestions, especially if you have kids or pets around.

So it's best if you avoid such measures, that is, rat traps, acids and poisons, as they cause more harm than good.

So, how do you save your house from rodent and rats infestation? It turns out, with the help of nature, that’s how! Let us show you what we are talking about!

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How To Drive Rodents Away From Your Store?  

Rodents and their Love for Peppermints


Well, truth to be told, rodents, rats and mice HATE peppermint. So much that they will leave you alone if you have enough peppermints to chase them away.

While this might not sound practical, some simple, smart DIYs that you can try with peppermint will surely yield results. Moreover, the results will be far better than expected.

You can take a few peppermint leaves and place them on different corners of your room. This will leave an amazing smell in your room while making sure that the rodent population stays away. You can also use peppermint in a much simpler form, that is, peppermint essential oil. 

You can add peppermint essential oil to cotton balls and keep them in different corners of your house. This will fill up your room with the smell of peppermint, and it will be strong enough to deter rodents.

How to Rodent-proof Your House?

Here’s another fun idea. Add a few peppermint essential oils to a bit of water and pour the concoction into a spray bottle. Now spray the peppermint concoction in different parts of your house, including curtains and kitchen corners. This will leave a strong yet soothing scent of peppermint in your house and will keep the rodents away.

We strongly advocate this idea because peppermint is known to repel several pests, including flies, bed bugs and mosquitoes. So along with rodents, you will have complete pest protection as well.

Use Their Predators

Rodent Predators

This idea is a bit unconventional, but it does work. In fact, several people have tried this out and not to anyone’s surprise, it worked. Before we get into this, answer this question - what are rats most scared of? Well, it’s predators.

So as a rodent deterrent, you can bring home their predators, like cats. Having a cat in your house can make the rodents consider your house as an unsafe territory and not have the courage to enter. On the other hand, if you are not fond of having a cute furry animal as your pet for any reason whatsoever, there’s a smarter alternative. Since the goal is to make the predator’s presence known to the rats to leave your house alone, you can use coyote urine.

How Effective Are Rodent Repellent Granules On Rats

With coyote urine, you need to spray it around the corners of your house or passageways through which rats are most likely to enter. The smell of coyote urine will make the rats think of a predator’s presence and thus stay away from your home.

For some families, the smell of coyote urine isn't a pleasant idea. So, as an alternative, you can try keeping owl feathers. The idea is the same as the rats are pretty scared of predatory birds like owls, and the sense of their presence will make the rodents leave you alone.

Since screaming at Mice doesn't work, why don't you give this blog a read so that you know what to do to make sure you get to Say goodbye to rodents for good!

Nature-Based Rodent Control

rodent control pouches

To get more effective results, you can try nature-based rodent control products. These are mostly rodent control pouches or spray made from naturally derived ingredients or organic elements. They are effective and work amazingly as they repel rodents. Moreover, they do not harm human health or have any long term side effects, making it the most sought after solution for rodent control methods.

You can give these methods a try and experience surprising results. These methods are easy to apply and do not require much effort. Moreover, they are much safer than the chemical-based alternative methods or using rat traps and poisons. Do let us know your opinions after you try these methods. And if a rat is already visiting your house, and probably staring at you from a corner while you are reading this, you probably need a faster solution! 

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