4 Crazy Pests That Love To That Love Your Furniture More Than You

4 Crazy Pests That Love To That Love Your Furniture More Than You

Your home is no longer your house when a pest invades and makes it a place of its infestation. When we commonly talk about pests and their trouble, you would think of pests invading our rooms, kitchens, and even your gardens and backyards. What you fail to notice is the pest infestation in your beds and furniture until they rapidly multiply in no time. Yes, Furniture Pests! They are the real pain in your throat. A little itching sensation or movement that you notice and suddenly a bug or an insect found? Be sure that there is an infestation without your knowledge. Here are some of the pests that are found in your furniture, and some hacks to get rid of them before they take a position on all the furniture of your home. 

The Four Crazy Pests Giving You Trouble

Bed Bugs

They are the tiny reddish-brown bugs that look like baby roaches with the only diet - human blood. Yes, the bugs are very annoying despite not spreading any infection. They give you a bite to suk your blood and these bites turn into reddish marks that can become wounds if you scratch. They are too small to hide in the holes and cracks of your furniture and beds and also in the small gaps of the mattress. 

Carpet Beetles

Carpet Beetles

These are rare pests that you could ever find at your space. The carpet beetles are usually harmless to you but can cause severe damage to your furniture and even clothes. They can be found on carpets, furniture and everywhere else. The Beatles love to chomp on wood, wool and even silk. Consider your expensive clothes gone when you find these beetles on your mats, furniture and wardrobes. 

Dust Mites

Dust Mites

Dust mites are microscopic beings who can cause you severe respiratory issues. They are a part of dust and can be found on your sofas, cabinets and all the other possible places. The dust mites are very annoying and can even be fatal to the ones suffering from wheezing, cold, flu and other lung  and breathing issues 


Thank your pets for it! Fleas are another version of head lice that can get on your pet and suck  their blood. They multiply quickly and are very dangerous. You can see your flea and tick infected dog growing weak every single day. To make things worse, they could get on your furniture as the corners of your furniture become an amazing hideout place for them.

How They Enter Your House

1. Guests Bring Pests - Not all your guests bring pests to your home, but most of the bugs could be traveling on them into your house. Yes, many bugs - especially the bed bugs or the dust mites travel on people if they have bug-infested furniture at home. Even one of them can multiply into many of them and cause serious trouble to you and your family.

2. Pets are Carriers Too - Your four-pawed friends are the carriers of pet-pests like ticks and fleas. If you think that these pests are only found on your dog, you are wrong. They only stick to your dog to suck some blood. In the other time, these ticks and fleas are found in their hideouts which could be your furniture, wall holes, cracks and crevices. 

3. Old Furniture - Most of the second hand furniture that you buy to make your home look better could probably make your home a kingdom of pests. The wooden second hand furniture or even the carpets and sofas that you buy without having a pest treatment done may have bed bugs, carpet beetles and other pests in them. They could multiply into huge numbers and spread to the other furniture too. 

4. Wind - At times, the furniture pests that you have at home can be brought by wind or some of the pests can walk into your home all by themselves. The pestle like dust mites and even the bed bugs are too easy to be carried by the wind. When they land on the furniture of your home accidentally. Be sure to see them build their empire. 

What Could Be Done?

The best way to keep your furniture and home safe from all the furniture pests is to keep them neat and clean. Here are some simple pest removal hacks that you could try. 

1. Use a good furniture cover always. These covers can keep all the dust away and thus the dust mites too.

2. Make sure to get your second hand furniture a good pest control treatment before you bring it into your home. Remember - preventure is always better than repelling them.

3. Conduct regular pest checks and look out for any sort of cracks and holes in your furniture. If you find any - seal it. 

4. The next important thing you need to do is to have some natural repellent sprays ready. Since it is the furniture and you could easily come in contact with it, get some pest control sprays made of natural oils. Even for the bed bugs, you can be getting some amazing peppermint oil spray

These are the simplest hacks that you could be trying to keep the bed bugs and all the other pests away. Try then and bid goodbye to your furniture pests permanently. 

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