4 Ways To Keep Rodents Away From Your Kitchen

If Rats Are Your Worst Nightmare, You’ll Need These 4 DIY Rodent Repellent Tips

Rats Live for Two Main Reasons - To Salvage and Mate.

The kitchen is the most vulnerable to a rat infestation. The reason rats love your kitchen is because it is the perfect place to nest as it has food, water, and provides shelter. Apart from these obvious reasons, there are a few more which make it easy for rats to get into your kitchen.

Cracks, Gaps, and Holes

The kitchen has the most number of holes drilled into walls in your home due to the amount of electrical wiring and plumbing that goes on in the kitchen. These cracks, holes, and gaps make for the perfect entrance for the rats to get into your kitchen.

In order to prevent rats from entering your kitchen and your home through holes, you should seal these spaces with steel or copper wool. The reason we use steel and copper wool is that rats are able to chew through almost anything except steel and copper wool. When they try to chew through these wools it tends to get stuck in their mouth and they’re unable to chew. Steel and copper wool are also easy to place within holes containing wiring as it can reshape itself to fit through perfectly.

Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs

Most of our kitchens lead to the backyard where we have our trees and Shrubs. In most cases, these trees and shrubs face our window. 

Rats use trees and shrubs to jump through the window and get into the kitchen.

The solution for this is to simply trim all the trees within four feet to your home so that rats do not get a free entry to your house.

Overnight Food

Overnight Food

Everyone is aware that rats target the trash and thus end up in the kitchen because that’s the place where we store our garbage in our home. Apart from garbage, one thing we overlook is the other sources of food that are available to the rats. The dirty dishes, the fruits, and flowers on our dining table and the excess from vegetables which we have chopped, all of these are a perfect food source for a rat.

The easiest way for you to get rid of a rat infestation is to starve them. If you cut all their food sources then the rats will eventually have no choice but to leave your home or starve to death. Rats are gluttonous creatures and cannot survive without food, thus removing their food source will certainly run them out of your homes.

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Pesto Rodent Repellent Granules by MDX Concepts

Pesto Rodent Repellent Granules

We are living in a time where time is essentially money and every second we waste we are wasting our money, thus, we always find a way to do things in a fast and efficient manner. However, when it comes to rat control we do not have a choice as it takes time and patience.

This is where these non-toxic rodent repellent pellets Pesto Rodent Repellent by MDX Concepts comes in. Instead of using baits that will go uneaten and traps that get evaded, the pesto Rodent Repellent Granules, however, offer you the easiest solution which will also prove to be the best.

The way these natural mice control granules is by incorporating essential oils from peppermint, cedarwood, spearmint, and cinnamon which have all been proven to rid rats. Instead of complex pest treatment, simply sprinkling these rodent repellent indoor granules will get rid of the rats. 

Due to these pellets being Natural Rodent Repellent, they are a kid-safe and pet-safe solution. You do not need to be worried about your children or pets consuming these Natural Mouse Repellent Spray as it would not harm them.

Professional Aid

The biggest problem with rat infestations is the speed at which they reproduce. A couple of rats could easily become hundreds of rats by the end of the month. If you ever feel like you’re unable to solve your rat infestation, you can always call for professional help. Your local pest control has access to rodenticides and knowledge, in most cases, they will solve your infestation.

Is Cutting Off the Food Source an Effective Way to Get Rid of Rats? Yes/No

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