5 Easy Ways to Repel Rats When The Mouse Trap Fails

5 Easy Ways to Repel Rats When The Mouse Trap Fails

Rats and mice have been the worst trouble makers for ages. If you are living in the countryside or the cities in the United States, the most common rats you could encounter are the roof rats and Norway mice. The first thing that flashes in your mind when a rat runs into your home is to get a glue trap or a mice snapping trap. Well, how well does this work? The size of the mice at your home may be too big for the trap to catch it. The mice can probably pick up the cheese bait from the trap and walk away without getting stuck to it. What you need is a mice repellent idea that is 100% effective. Here are some easy and natural rat control hacks that are non-toxic and work the best for any kind of rats and mice that walk into your home. 

Natural Ways To Repel Pests

1. Lighten Up Your Home


Rats and mice love to stay in dark and damp places. They hate lights as it disturbs their sleep and movement. One of the safe rat repellent hacks is to turn the lights in the rat-infested space of your home on. These scavengers hate light and walk out of your space all by themselves.

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2. Give Them a Clove Ball and They Will Walk Away

Clove Ball

A clove ball? Yes! Take a lemon and poke some cloves into it. Place this ball in the rat infestation areas. Clove and lemon have the odor that acts as a natural mice repellent. When this ball is rolled into the rat space at your home, they get agitated by the fragrance and run out immediately. This 100% natural repellent stays effective for up to a week and the best way to use it to repel rats is to replace the old clove-lemon ball with a new one every time.

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3. A Pet Inside Your Home Keeps the Mice Outside Your Home


We all have grown up listening to the story ‘Who Bell’s The Cat.’ The trick that the grocery store owner used to keep mice away can be tried by you too. You can always get a cat or a dog home and this pet of yours will drive the rodents and mice outside your home. If you do not have enough time to raise a pet, place some peacock feathers in a vase and keep it in the rat infested area. The mice will feel the presence of another creature and will walk out. The peacock feathers behave like a scarecrow to keep mice away from your home.

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4. Garlic Is Not Meant for Cooking Only


A dish without garlic is not a great one. While you cannot stay without garlic, it is vice versa for rats and mice. Rats hate the odor and flavor of garlic and quickly leave the space when you make a 100% natural mice repellent spray from it. Take 10-15 garlic cloves and grind them well. Add water to this paste, shake it well, and spray it in the mice infested places of your home. The mice will go away in no time.

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5. Peppermint Oil for Your Digestion Issues Annoys Them

Peppermint Oil

Every home in the US has peppermint oil in the kitchen. This amazing oil aids in digestion and curbs nausea and vomiting in humans. The fragrance of peppermint oil works the best for humans and also acts as a pest repellent. You can either mix a few drops of 100% natural peppermint oil in water and use it as a spray, or use an oil diffuser with this oil. This is a safe and non-toxic rat repellent hack that keeps other pests and insects out too.

These are some 100% natural, safe and non-toxic mice repellent tips that you can try to keep the mouse away. Wondering where to find the best mice repellent spray that is safe and has the goodness of natural oils like peppermint oil and more? Get the FDA approved mouse repellent spray here.

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