Mosquito Repellent Tricks

5 Mosquito Repellent Tricks That Are Safe For Babies

Do you love your newborn more than anything else in the world? Well, did you know that someone loves your baby more than you? Yes, it's the mosquito that sings a lullaby in your little one’s ears to wake them up. Mosquitoes love your babies more than you do because they do not move and sleep for a long time. It is an easier task for these blood suckers to feed on babies than adults who move around or even kill them. 

Your baby might be suddenly waking up and crying and you would have no idea of what happened. It is probably because of a mosquito bite. It does not end with a bit. Since your baby does not end with a bite or a red rash. It can bitterly end up into some deadly infections such as malaria and dengue. The new Zika virus is the new fear today. With all this happening around, you need to be extra careful and cautious when it comes to mosquitoes. It is hard to keep them away from your child, but here are some amazing non-toxic and eco-friendly mosquito repellent tips and tricks that keep your babies safe from mosquitoes and harmful mosquito repellents. 

Chemicals And Coils Are Not The Solution

The most common mistake we do as a parent is to unknowingly use the harmful chemicals around our child. We feel that the best way to keep all the mosquitoes away from your baby is to either light a mosquito repellent coil or turn on the mosquito repellent liquid machine. Well, these are something you need to avoid. Studies have shown that it is the chemical mosquito repellent coils and vaporizers that are more dangerous to babies than mosquitoes. What’s next to do? It is always good to choose a non-toxic option that is effective, eco-friendly and safe to be used around a child. Apart from cleaning the stagnant water bodies and growing mosquito repellent plants here are five such ideas you can try. 

Natural And Effective Mosquito Repellent Tips And Tricks

1. Mosquito Repellent Stickers

Mosquito Repellent Stickers
The best mosquito repellent hack to keep mosquitoes away from your happy little child is to always use a mosquito repellent sticker or a patch on the tee shirt or the frock. These are ideal for tiny babies who do not move around. If you have a super active toddler, avoid stickers as they may fall off. The patch is safe if you buy it from a good company. Each patch lasts for two or three days.

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2. Mosquito Repellent Nets

Mosquito Repellent Nets
You by now know that sleeping babies are the best bodies from which the nasty mosquitoes can suck blood in content and ease. How about using a barrier between them and your baby? Get a good mosquito repellent net and spread it beautifully. To make it more appealing, if you are using a net for your cot, add some led lights and create a tiny magical world for your baby in your room. Your mosquitoes can now just admire your baby from the outside of the net. This mosquito repellent hack is restricted to your bed or your baby’s cradle. 

3. Mosquito Repellent Creams

Mosquito Repellent Creams

There are a lot of mosquito repellent creams and gels that have a non-toxic and natural composition. The composition could include basil and peppermint extracts or even lemongrass and lavender extracts. However, you need to be a little careful when you are using it on your little infant’s skin. The skin of a child is very soft, sensitive and vulnerable. This mosquito repellent idea will work well for a little older kids and not for infants and toddlers.

4. Mosquito Repellent Sprays

Mosquito Repellent Sprays

The best way to keep all the mosquitoes away from your home is to use a good non-toxic mosquito repellent spray having a natural composition. Have a clear idea of what the spray contains and do not forget to look at its composition label before picking it up. The most effective mosquito repellent spray are the ones that have lavender, lemongrass, peppermint and even eucalyptus oil composition. They are safe to be sprayed around infants, toddlers and older kids.

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5. Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Essential oils make the best pest repellents if you use it the right way. There are many mosquito repellent oils such as lavender oil, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, lemongrass oil and even spearmint oil. These oils have the fragrances that irritate the mosquitoes and repel them effectively. You can dilute these oils with water and use them as a mosquito repellent spray. If you are clueless or not sure of how to use them, get sprays having the composition of such essential oils.

These are the easiest ways to repel mosquitoes and keep your babies safe. Remember that no one can love your baby more than you or look at him as a delicious snack!

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