6 Common Tick Repellents Hacks That You Should Not Do

6 Common Tick Repellents Hacks That You Should Not Do

Have your dogs been troubled by ticks and you are trying everything possible to get rid of these blood sucking crawlers? Have you noticed one thing? The more you try to remove these ticks, the more they seem to multiply on your dog. At times, these ticks can be annoying and can get on you too.  This might be strange for you, but you are removing the ticks in the wrong way. The common tick repellent methods that you may try could be dangerous to your dog. What are the wrong ways to get rid of tricks? Get to know them in this blog!

Some Wrong Methods Tried To Get Rid Of Ticks

1. Plucking Them Manually


The worst mistake you could be doing is plucking the ticks manually with your hands. This can bring excruciating pain to your dog. The ticks cling on to your dog very tightly. When you pull them, they pull along the part of your dog’s skin that they are clinging to. As a result of this, your dog gets wounded and will bleed. The blood attracts more ticks and they attack your dog more. Now, five ticks will be clinging on to your dog in the same place instead of one. 

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2. Using Human Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

The common misconception that we all have on seeing the skin of our tick infested dog is that we mistake the wounded skin to dandruff. The wounds of tick bite on your dog on drying makes the skin fall off as a powdery substance that is often mistaken as dandruff. The common mistakes that you or any of the pet parents can do is to use a human anti-dandruff shampoo to clear away this powdery skin residue. Never do this as this can make your dog’s wound even worse. Many dogs have succumbed to skin cancer because of negligence. It just makes things worse for you and your dog will have an itchy and burning skin.

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3. Using DDT Powder in the Kennel Area

Ddt Powder

The most common practice we have when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting the outdoor gardens and backyards is to sprinkle DDT powder on the ground and corners. There is no doubt that the ticks that are found in these areas die, but along with the ticks, your dog can have a lot of irritation on the skin and the powder can make it hard for your dog to breathe. Never use DDT powder in the places your dog lies down or plays as this can take the life of your dog.

4. Using Tweezers and Forceps to Remove Ticks


Hate using your nails to pick the ticks on your dog? The worst thing you could do is to use tweezers or forceps to pluck these pests away. This may hurt your dog even more and may even injure it. In case you are using the tweezers that are not made of stainless steel, it is a huge risk as this can lead to infections.

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4. Squishing Ticks with Fingers

ticks with fingers

This might be disgusting to most of us, but there are many of us who love to squish these blood suckers to kill them. Did you ever give it a thought? By doing this, the possible germs carrying the tick fever, Lyme diseases and more, and many other infections. While doing this, you are not killing the ticks, but are making it more easy for the germs to infect you and your dog.

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5. Using Chemical Sprays

chemical sprays

Chemical fumigants have always brought the worst nightmares for dogs and pet parents. Of course they can kill the pests and ticks, but the same chemicals can bring disorders in your dogs and can take their life too. Choose the natural tick repellent sprays for your dog so that they always stay protective.

Best And Safe Ways To Get Rid Of Ticks

Best And Safe Ways To Get Rid Of Ticks

The best way to get rid of ticks is by following simple grooming practices along with some tick repellent practices. Firstly, if you have a dog with a long fur coat, trim the hair so that the wounds and the ticks will be visible. Use pet-friendly tick repellent sprays to repel the ticks so that you get rid of them without any wrong measures. 

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