A Little More About Roaches

A Little More About Roaches

Cockroaches are one of the most invasive creatures found on earth that would skedaddle you. These six-legged critters prefer warm and wet spaces where they have access to food. They really make us sick running behind because they can fly. They contaminate food and rest under the kitchen sink. What else can one do to make your life supremely annoying? Well, cockroaches are undoubtedly our worst enemies and knowing more about an enemy makes us stronger. So, what else do you know about them? Here are some scary facts about cockroaches that you couldn’t even imagine in this lifetime. 

Do You Know the Largest Cockroach?


Megaloblatta Longipennis is the world’s largest cockroach, which is found in Peru, Ecuador, and Panama. A similar species of this cockroach is also found in Japan and is known as Akira Yokokura. It is 97 mm long and 45 mm wide. 

They Can Survive Without Food

Cockroach and Food

Cockroaches can stay without food for almost one month. They are ‘Poikilotherms’ - cold-blooded and can stay longer without food by staying quiet and not losing energy. However, they die within a week if they have no access to water.

Can Cockroaches Live Without Head


Cockroaches breathe through the holes in their bodies known as spiracles. They have an open circulatory system and do not depend on the mouth or head for breathing which makes them live without a head for ten days. They don’t need a head for breathing. They only need it for food and water.

Don’t Run Behind, They Are Faster Than You!


Cockroaches can run up to three miles an hour, so running behind them is not an option.  A one-day old cockroach, with the size equivalent to a cumin seed, runs faster than its mother. You can’t even dare to catch them. It is very easy for them to spread germs and bacteria all over your home within seconds.

Do Cockroaches Drink Alcohol?


The American Cockroaches love alcohol. They are mostly attracted to the alcohol mixed with hops and sugar, especially beer.

The Most Adaptable Insect on Earth


As they can easily adapt to any situation, they are found everywhere on earth. There are more than 4000 species of cockroaches in the world, which includes American cockroaches, brown- banded cockroaches, German cockroaches and Oriental cockroaches.

Pest Control Tips for Inside and Outside

They Are Resistant to Pesticides


Breath holding is a common mechanism used by cockroaches to resist pesticides. By holding breath, they save their lives. They also develop resistance to the insecticides once they get in contact with them. However, the mechanism for the same is still not known. 

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Female Cockroach Can Lay 14 to 36 Eggs at a Time


Some female cockroaches only mate once and stay pregnant lifelong. A female cockroach lays a minimum of 14 eggs or maximum of 36 eggs.

How Female Cockroaches Deal with Harassment!?


It’s not only the female human who deals with harassment, the Female Pacific Beetle Cockroaches form cluster to resist male cockroaches. As they are larger than the male cockroaches, they are more dominant and push the males out of their way.

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They Cause Some Scary Diseases

Scary Diseases

Cockroaches shed their body parts and saliva through the way they pas. Their saliva contains bacteria that may cause asthma and some serious allergies. They can also cause some serious diseases like typhoid, poliomyelitis and Dysentery, a disease that causes severe diarrhea along with bleeding.

These facts prove that cockroaches are exceptionally hard to kill as they adapt easily to every environmental condition. We cannot control their growth either. But don’t panic and scare these invaders. There are ways to combat every creep, even the cockroach. You just that you need to take care of your home and surroundings in a better way. Get your home cleaned as soon as possible after any food mess. Take a quick action whenever you feel a cockroach infestation.

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