Bed Bug Bite Mark v/s Spider Bite Mark

Bed Bug Bite Mark v/s Spider Bite Mark

Yes, we decided to dedicate an entire blog to bite marks. Why? Because they are very important and because In the United States, an average of 6.6 people die from venomous spider bites each year! 97% of pest professionals have treated bed bugs in the past year.

So, let’s start with our blog - Bed Bug Bites Vs Spider Bites. Here’s what you need to know to differentiate between spider bites vs bed bugs bite mark:

When Do They Bite?

spider bites vs bed bugs bite mark

Spiders: Spiders bite in self-defense, so only if you threaten them they can end up pouncing on you.

Bed Bugs: Bed bugs bite at night or even when you’re not looking! Bed bug bites may not hurt as much. 

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The Bite Mark

The Bite Mark

Spiders: These bugs have two small fangs, so leave behind two small bite marks.

Bed Bugs:
Bed bugs drink blood with a straw, so the bite mark left is tiny. Sometimes one that you can’t even find.

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Size of The Bite

Bite Mark

Spiders: As the size of the spider increases, the bite mark also increases. Usually, spiders are more extensive than bed bugs, so the size of the bed marks is more like larger red dots or rash.

Bed Bugs: Bed bug bites are very small and tiny because they are little creatures. Identification of the spots on the skin may be challenging.

Bite Variability

Bite Variability

Spiders: There are so many species of spiders that the bite marks can differ. From red dots to swells, to itchiness.

Bed bugs:
Not many varieties when it comes to bed bugs; there are hardly two or three, so the bite marks are also small and similar to each species.

Pain of the Bite

Size of The Bite

Spiders: Spider bite marks are very painful because there are so many varieties of spiders. Some are venomous, and the size of the bite mark makes the pain worse.

Bed Bugs: Bed bug bites are itchier, and the pain quotient is way less. Compared to other insects, bed bug bites are way less painful. Also, identifying insect bites is quite easier than identifying bed bug bites.

Bite Infection

Bite Variability

Spider bite marks are more intense and large; they leave the tissues open for long. This increases the chances of infection manifold amongst individuals who delay in getting the proper treatment on time.

Bed Bugs: It is challenging for a bed bug bite to get infected. Since the wound is very tiny, there is no tissue left exposed, so the body quickly plugs in the gap. So, rather than going for the bed bug bites treatment, one should focus on its prevention.

It’s almost easy to identify one wound from another since you have the perfect guide! But, daily, it is sometimes close to impossible to find the culprits in the first place. That’s why it’s always handy to have with you a natural bed bug spray and an organic spider repellent spray in your home.

We guess we’ve answered almost all your queries about Bed Bug Bites Vs Spider Bites. You never know when these scary monsters will crawl back into your life for the bite! So, stay safe and bite-free!

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