Ways To Keep Roaches Out Of Your Kitchen

Best Ways To Keep Roaches Out Of Your Kitchen

The creepiest feeling ever is to suddenly turn on the lights in your kitchen and see a family of roaches running everywhere around. Your kitchen is where your family’s food is cooked and where your family’s nutrition needs are met, and so keeping it pest-free is of paramount importance. The very sight of the roaches running around all over the floor and shelves is a disgusting feeling. They not just loiter around but bring home a lot of bacteria and germs that cause severe infections and diseases. Typhoid, cholera, and dysentery are the most common diseases. Since they reside in your kitchen, the chances of you falling sick are more. This blog brings you some ideas of how you can repel roaches from your kitchen. Before you get reading about repelling the roaches from your kitchen, learn how the roaches make way into your kitchen.

What Brings a Roach to Your Kitchen?

Roach infestation at homes and especially in the kitchen is unexpectedly common. If you miss repelling one roach, it could lead to a hundred Cockroach in just a month or two. Here is what makes the roaches get into our kitchen.

  • Dirty Utensils - The main reason that brings the roaches into your kitchen is unclean utensils in your sink. The leftover food on the plates is very inviting for the roaches that they get into your kitchen and begin coliving with you.
  • Damp Places - The place under your sink and chambers that follow downward make the best home for these quick runners. The chambers from the sink give the right dampness that they want and some food for them to sustain too. 
  • An Accident - Roaches can be picked up with your veggies and staples from grocery stores and can be brought home. They can even enter your home and your kitchen from the open window or a small creak too. 

Pest Control & Repellent Ideas for Roaches:

1. Stop What Attracts Them

pest repellent

The first pest repellent tip for roaches is to keep your kitchen clean. This includes removing the moist areas from the kitchen and do your dishes every single night before hitting the dead. Do not leave anything rotten and old in the kitchen. Rotten food is the favorite meal for the roaches and they can make way into your home and kitchen easily. Keeping the kitchen clean after you cook stops the Cockroach infestation in the kitchen and keeps your health good too. 

2. Pour Some Essential Oils in the Sink

essential oils in the sink

There are a few essential oils that work as pest Solution. The easily available roach repellent oils are that of peppermint, lavender, lemongrass, and eucalyptus. You can dilute the oil with water and spray it all over your kitchen and pour some of this essential oil in your sink too. This removes the odour from your kitchen and makes roaches walk out of your place quickly. You can also get an oil diffuser and diffuse the pest repellent oils in them. 

3. Get Some Baking Soda-Sugar Bait

baking soda

The best bait for the roaches can be made of something that they love to eat. Roaches love anything that is sweet and sugary and you can use sugar to trap and kill them. All that you need is a little baking soda from the kitchen along with an equal amount of powdered sugar. Mix them and place them in a bowl so that all the roaches eat it when out are out of their sight. Baking soda drys their digestive system and they die instead of multiplying in numbers. This is one of the easiest and cost-effective pest repellent ideas to get rid of Cockroaches

A Little More About Roaches

4. Citrus Fragrance Makes a Good Repellent

Citrus fruits

The fragrance of anything citric is amazing and humans love it. The same fragrances are hated by the roaches and they walk away from the places where the citrus fragrance and taste lingers. You can rub the peel of the lemons that you have used in your cuisines in the cabinets and in the kitchen areas where roach infestation exists. The roaches get irritated with the fragrance and leave your space in no time. You can use the peel of mandarins and sweet oranges too. They work as amazing pest repellents

5. Get a Radar Pest Repellent Device

radar pest repellent device

A radar pest repellent device is the safest way to get rid of roaches from your kitchen For most instance, we think twice before using any kind of pest repellents in the kitchen as they may get on to the dishes that we prepare and into our stomach too. The radar device repels not only the roaches but the mice, ants, flies, and mosquitoes too. This is the best device to get rid of roaches that work without affecting humans, children, and pests too. 

These are some of the safe and natural pest repellent tricks that you can try out when the roaches invade your kitchen and start a roach infestation. Try them and make your kitchen a place for cooking only. 

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