Bug-Free Backyard Tips

Bug-Free Backyard Tips For A Spooky Backyard Halloween Party

Halloween is the next big event in the calendar, and we all can’t wait for it! There are mystery and excitement in the air, but do you know that this year’s Halloween will not be a gala time because of the pandemic? The US government has laid a lot of rules and norms that include no door-to-door trick-or-treat visits, no mass gatherings and parades, and of course, the celebration with social distancing. Do not get on a blue face because you can create your own magical Halloween party at your home and make it safe and exciting. 

The best place to host a Halloween party at your home is in your backyard. This open space keeps you right below the moon, and you would not be missing the eerie outdoor night experience much. Gather some pumpkins from the market and make sure you sanitize everything just as you do on a typical day of the pandemic. Do not hire costumes from outside. Instead, get creative and design your costumes so that you can spook everyone at home. Make arrangements for a great barbecue night and some music in your backyard. 

While you are planning to host a one of a kind Halloween party in your backyard, be aware of the visitors who would come and make your spine cold. No, it’s not the people in the witch’s attire as you cannot have mass gatherings at the Halloween party. The visitors who can give you chills are the pests residing in your backyard who may sneak out to try some of your Halloween cuisines and, of course, some pumpkin too. There may be mosquitoes singing in your ears, and that could be a spooky Halloween tune, because they would be sucking your blood any time like the vamps. Well, you first need to have a great pest repellent session after you clean up the junk and mess in your backyard before you make arrangements for the spooky evening.  Here are some most effective bug-free backyard tips that can work on bugs and other pests. 

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Your backyard can be a home to many bugs, beetles, lizards, spiders, mosquitoes, and even rodents. These pests can ruin your Halloween party and also end up snacking on the Halloween treats you have placed there. Rodents love to chomp and eat the pumpkins, and the pumpkins you have craved would be in danger from these monsters. Well, nothing is impossible, and so is keeping out these pests from your space. All that you need to do is to follow these simple tips for pest-free and bug-free backyard tips.

1. Clear the Space First

Clear the space

The first step for a great Halloween party begins with cleaning your backyard space. Remove all the unwanted plants that are growing in your garden and close all the rodent burrows if there are any. A clean backyard can be a pest-free one too. Remove all the junk and make space for your party. 

2. Do Not Ignore Your Lawn


Keep the lawn grass shortly trimmed. The lawn grass can be a home to many bugs and their eggs that hatch to make a huge pest infestation in your backyard. Nothing can be creepier when you are enjoying your Halloween party and a bug crawls up to you on your shoulder. Do not party with long lawn grass at all. 

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3. Use Some Good Pest Repellent 

Pest Repellent

Since it is a balcony, you need to understand that your home pest repellents would not be working effectively in the outdoor space. You can rely on the weather-resistant outdoor pest repellent granules that keep pests away not just during the Halloween party, but also in the long run. 

4. Watch Where You Place Your Food


Avoid using pest repellents - especially chemical ones near your barbeque stove or the food table. The granules work the best, however, you can place the food table in the space where your family members are present. 

These pest free and bug-free backyard tips are enough for you to have a pest-free halloween party. Have a great Halloween during this pandemic!

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