Disturbing Facts About Rats to Keep You Up at Night

Disturbing Facts About Rats to Keep You Up at Night

While a movie like Ratatouille can get you excited about being friends with a helpful rat that conveniently does all the cooking, there are a few things you should know before spinning your own fantasy human-rat friendship story. Though rat horror movies exaggerate the dangers these furry pests pose, there are true facts about rats that will have you reaching for a rodent spray in the middle of the night. So brace yourself as you read these creepy rat facts you probably didn’t know before:

A Rat’s Teeth Don’t Stop Growing, Ever


Have you ever wondered why a rat seems to be gnawing on something or the other every time you spot one? The reason is that they need to constantly trim their incisors, or else their teeth will just keep getting longer until they can’t eat through their mouths, and then they die due to starvation. Rat’s front teeth can grow upto 5 inches a year, and if unchecked, can grow spiral at an 86 degree angle too. They keep gnawing on everything they can get their tiny forepaws on just so as to stay alive. During their attempt to gnaw everything in their sight, rats can cause a lot of damage to one’s personal property if nearby, as well as any food that has been left open.

Rat’s Teeth Are Also Remarkably Strong 

Rat’s teeth

Rats have strong teeth that can be used to chew through pretty much anything, like plastic, wood, brick and even lead. They keep gnawing on tough materials such as these to keep their teeth growth on track. To make matters even worse, rats even indulge in eating other rats, as though they weren’t scary enough already without being cannibalistic

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Rats Can Cause Life-Threatening Diseases


Rats can pose major health and life risks to human beings. They can spread diseases both directly and indirectly as well. Diseases include Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Rite-Bite Fever (which carries a mortality rate of 10 percent), Salmonellosis and so on. Rats can and have earlier caused epidemics of large scales. 

They Are Fond of Biting Sleeping Humans


If the thought of cannibalistic, lead-chewing rats doesn't faze you, then maybe the thought that rats love to bite humans in their sleep will. To make it worse, their favorite body parts to bite are the hands and the face. They can create puncture marks on your body if bitten, as well as spread threatening diseases. While you can’t stay awake every night worried about rats, it would be a good idea to use a good rodent repellent spray in spaces in your home where rats have been spotted, just to be on the safe side and to get a good night’s sleep.

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Rats Are Influenced by Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure


Rats are specifically attracted to human beings who have been previously bitten by other rats. This is because like humans, rats are affected by peer pressure to a certain extent. They bite on things that they probably don’t even want to just because fellow rats did the same. 

Rats Can Reproduce at an Alarming Rate


It takes only a single pair of rats to create half a billion descendants in three years. If left ignored and alive, rats could take over the world by population. That’s not all. Rats typically reach sexual maturity four to five weeks after they are born, which means that they can reproduce just a short while after their own birth. 

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Rats Can Swim Really Well

Rats Can Swim

As though incredibly strong teeth weren’t enough, rats have also been blessed with the capability to swim well. They are also good at using the sewers to travel around. So if you believe that rats swimming up toilets is just a scary story, think again. There have been around 400 complaints about toilet rats recorded in King County alone in the past decade. 

Rats Can Squeeze into Impossible Spaces


Stories about rats having collapsible skeleton are aplenty, due to the way in which they fit through impossibly small holes. However, they do, in fact, have skeletons just like human beings. Small rats can fit through a hole the size of a quarter. They have long, lean and flexible bodies that make them ideal for fitting into small spaces.  

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While these facts are meant to be scary, the main idea is to make you understand the dangers that rats can pose to your health, as well as the necessity of removing them from your home. It is not just threats to your health that rats can pose, but also severe damage to your belongings if they get into your home. It is extremely unhygienic to have rats around in a home but the rats are also quite difficult to spot or catch. You might have rats and in your home without you being unaware of it. It is always better to be safe than sorry and to follow expert tips to identify whether you have a rat infestation at your home early on.

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