DIY Non-Toxic Spider Control Hacks

DIY Non-Toxic Spider Control Hacks To Make Your Life Easy

If you are on this blog, you must be tired of clearing the cobwebs every day. Spider props and stickers are one of Halloween’s major spooky parts, but who wants spiders at home? There is a myth that spiders invade your home during the winter. You need to know that they have been hiding away from you in your space throughout the year. It’s late summer now, and you see many spiders hopping out of their hideouts in search of their mates. 

The onset of autumn is the season when they mate, and mating means more spiders at your home. You need to control spiders before they outnumber your family members at home. Here are some best spider repellent hacks that are safe for your pet, children, and you. 

1. Use Conkers


Conkers are the best spider deterrents of all. Spiders hate the horse chestnuts, and they go away when you have the conkers in your home. You can use these conkers in two ways - cast some of it in the spider-infested space or powder them and spread the power in all the spider hideouts and corners. You can use this for home or even the garden. 

2. Turn Outdoor Lights Off When Not in Use

outdoor lights

The dim lights that you use for outside, or even the bright ones attract the spiders to your outdoor space and they slowly make way into your home. Turn them off when you’re not using them. 

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3. Get a Cat 


We normally get a cat home to keep the rodents and mice away, but did you know that cats can keep spiders away too? Cats are not just mice hunters, but also hunt down other insects and spiders too. A pet cat inside your home will keep all the spiders outdoors

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3. Keep Your Garden Scrap-Free


Clumsy and filled gardens make a great space for insects , rodents, and most importantly spiders to live in. The metal scraps and the tins in your backyard along with unwanted furniture in the gardens have cobwebs, and societies poisonous arachnids too. It is advisable to keep the garden clean and use some natural spider deterrent that is not toxic and pet-safe for the outdoor space at your home

4. Close Those Cracks

Wall cracks

There would be cobwebs in the corner walls of your home, but the actual hideouts of these pests are in the tiny holes and creeks of the windows and walls. The best way to control them is to close any of such openings and keep the spiders and insects away.

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5. Use DIY Home Sprays & Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Nature has the best pest repellent. Since it is your home, do not choose chemical pest control hacks. Choose safe, non-toxic and natural spider repellent. Essential oils like lavender essential oil, peppermint essential oil, cinnamon essential oil and even the oil of lemon grass can control spiders and other bugs. You can either try a DIY home spray and essential oils by mixing these oils with water or buy a good non-toxic spider repellent spray. 

These are the most simple natural spider deterrent hacks that you can try with your kids and pets around. Controlling spiders is easier than clearing the cobwebs every single day. Get the best spider repellent for home and garden!
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