DIY Ways to Repel Mosquitoes at Home

DIY Ways to Repel Mosquitoes at Home

A mosquito is considered as the world’s most dangerous pest, which is why it is extremely important not to let it anywhere near your home. Its bite can be itchy and irritating, but what’s worse is that it is capable of spreading way too many diseases. Protecting your family from mosquitoes is essential, and there are a few things you can do by yourself to keep them far away:

Keep a Lookout for Standing Water Inside and Around Your Home

water inside and around your home

It is in stagnant water than female mosquitoes lay their eggs. A female mosquito can lay around three hundred eggs in a lifetime, and since their lifespan is less than two months, it is a pretty large number of mosquito larvae you will be allowing to grow near your home if left ignored for a while. Moreover, a female mosquito doesn’t even need much water for breeding purposes; a bottle cap full of water is quite enough. Therefore, do a thorough search around your home to make sure water hasn’t been trapped anywhere or left unattended for more than a few hours. Make sure that your pet’s water bowl is empty each day before going to sleep.  

Use Fans Inside the House to Resist Mosquitoes

mosquitoes resist fans

Fans can be a blessing on hot summer days, but it has the hidden benefit of being able to keep  mosquitoes away. Mosquitoes, despite being dangerous, are small and translucent enough to be blown away at the slightest pressure. It will be quite impossible for them to fly against the wind a fan can generate, even if it is not put on a high speed. Keeping a fan facing you while at home can be helpful to keep mosquitoes away if you spend more time in a single area. Of course, this won’t work if you keep moving around the house, that is unless you keep fans everywhere. 

Wear Long Sleeved Clothes and Full Length Pants During Mosquito Season


Mosquitoes are more commonly seen during the summer season, and that is the time to be extra careful about getting bitten. It doesn’t seem appealing to wear long clothes during hot days, but it is a method that works really well in covering all the potential areas of your body where mosquitoes can bite you. This is a great option for people who don’t like to slather mosquito repelling creams on their bodies.  This tip can be followed while camping too, in places where mosquitoes will be in abundance, as well as lethal. As for your pet, covering up won’t work well and thus it is better to apply mosquito repellent on its body. 

Try Switching Fragrances Based on a Mosquito’s Preferences


If you are someone who likes to use floral perfume a lot, the bad news is that mosquitoes are quite attracted to its smell. They also love the smell of sweat, so the best thing is to clean yourself regularly with non-floral scented bath products. Mosquitoes get irritated at the smell of garlic, lemongrass, basil as well as peppermint, so keeping them around your home is a good idea to ward off mosquitoes away to a certain extent. To save time and effort, you can also try using mosquito repellents that have herbal flavours and fragrance. 

It is said that prevention is better than cure, and in the case of mosquitoes, this is a motto to be definitely followed. This is because a mosquito bite can be more trouble than one might imagine, and it is always better to be free of it than try to treat it later. 

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