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Don’t Be Spooked This Halloween - The Spiders Edition

Halloween is a spooky season

They’re creepy and kooky, mysteriously spooky! They’re all ooky! Yes, we’re talking about SPIDERS😨.

Halloween is a spooky season for all of us Americans, but the homeowners live in a different kind of threat of spiders building their webs in their kitchens or rooms. The spiders in their home are enough for them to tag their homes as “haunted” - typical horror movie feels, right? According to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), the pest infestations increase incredibly during autumn as they need to take shelter in your homes to protect themselves from cold weather. However, Halloween is a celebration of scary & spooky things, and you’ll find many plastic or fake spiders everywhere around the corner, but when they are alive and real, nobody can ignore the creepiness they bring along with them. Scary Halloween spiders and bugs can create the real Halloween nightmare for sure!

In this article, we’re going to discuss a few important characteristics of types of spiders you encounter during Halloween, how to trace them and obviously, how to get rid of these spooky creatures.

Halloween Spiders

October is the favorite season for the spiders to register their entries in our homes. You can easily find them lurking in the corners of your walls, shelves, shoes/sneakers or the attic. However, we are lucky that most of these eight-legged arachnids which we find in our homes are not poisonous and do not pose much of a threat to the humans.

We’re all busy decorating our houses with fake Halloween spiders and cobwebs during the Halloween season when the real spiders are building their webs already in your home. Do not ignore them as the spider bites can be really painful. The spiders build their webs to catch their prey, mate and lay eggs.

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Let’s read about the common spiders you can find in your home and how you can get rid of them.

1. The Black Widow Spider

The Black Widow Spider

The black widow spiders are very commonly found in & around Florida. They are usually found in dry and dark corners of yours basements, barns and stored firewood, hiding from geckos and lizards. The name black widow spiders is given to the spiders species which are most commonly found in North America due to their trait of eating male spiders after sexual reproduction. They have a distinctive dark coloration, hourglass-shaped marking on the underside of their abdomen and black hair. They are one of the most venomous spiders across the globe and are notorious for their neurotoxic venom. However, they rarely bite humans and if they do, one should run immediately to the nearest medic to get the anti-venom.

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How to Spook Them Off - Halloween Spider Control Tips

There are a number of DIYs you can try to eliminate them out of your home. We’ll list a few for you:

1. Any essential oil with a strong scent might work against them. Add any one of these essential oils with water and make a spray. Black widow spiders are rumored to dislike the scent of lemon, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, and peppermint.

2. Vinegar kills Black Widows. Yes, you heard us right! Mix equal parts of vinegar and water, and spray on the spider. The acidity of Vinegar burns the spider’s body on contact.

3. Naturally derived pesticides/spider sprays are the best spider pest solutions if you don't want to get into the mess of making spider sprays. They are easily available online and have no toxic effects on you, your kids or your pets.

2. The Brown Recluse Spider

Brown Recluse Spider

These are tan or brown colored spiders which you usually find in the attic and stored firewood. They have a distinctive violin shape on the back. The spider rarely bites but it’s poison is considered to be very dangerous for humans. The venom of the brown recluse is necrotizing. Muscle and nerve pain are also common when bitten. You need to take medical attention when you are bitten.

How to Spook Them Off - Halloween Spider Control Tips

1. Keep cleaning the home as these spiders hide themselves in the attic and unused places. 

2. Naturally-derived spider-repellent liquid sprays can work on all types of spiders and the best spider pest control solution to eliminate them completely from your house. 

3. Aerosol treatment with pyrethrin or resmethrin may be useful in eliminating spiders.

3. The Orb Weaver Spider

The Orb Weaver Spider

These spiders are very commonly found in the areas of Volusia and Flager counties. These spiders spin large webs as they reach reproductive maturity during the autumn season. These are huge spiders with large webs. However, they are not quite dangerous for human beings but just like black widow spiders, their venom is neurotoxic to their prey. However, medical attention needs to be given to the person who is bitten by the spider. Medical science has found out that the silk in the spider's web is more durable and can be used in medical surgery procedures for ligaments and tendons. 

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How to Spook Them Off - Halloween Spider Control Tips

1. Clean your home with essential oils like lavender which are considered to be spider repellent. You can make a lavender oil and water spray and spray it on the spider webs.

2. Diatomaceous earth is considered to be one of the most effective repellents of arachnids and insects. It is not toxic and wards off spiders from their webs as well.

3. There are numerous natural sprays available in the market for spider pest control. They are non-toxic, naturally derived and completely safe to be used at home.

4. The Huntsman Spider

The Huntsman Spider

These spiders are usually visible at night when they go out to hunt their prey. These spiders are very common in North America and are usually found in wood. They are up to 15cm in diameter, and have long-hairy legs. They don't build webs and are also known as wandering spiders. These spiders also do not attack humans commonly and have neurotoxin to immobilize their prey.

How to Spook Them Off - Halloween Spider Control Tips

1. Since these spiders live in the woods, make regular checks for the cracks and crevices in the walls as they enter your homes through these. 

2. These spiders need to be manually removed out of the house as most of the spider repellent sprays do not work on eliminating them. 

3. As spider-proofing is the best way to keep Huntsman spiders out of your home, read this blog for a few very important tips : 10 Easy Ways to Spider-Proof Your Home

In this article, we listed four very commonly found Halloween spiders in American households. Most of them are not toxic to humans but getting bitten by them sure can be a painful experience. Taking proper measures for their elimination is very important. You can order MDX Concepts Ragno spider repellent spray to end all your spider-related woes.

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