Easiest Hacks To Keep Mice Out Of Your Balconies

Easiest Hacks To Keep Mice Out Of Your Balconies

What is your house without a great balcony? Your kids may be afraid to spend time in your lovely balcony post evening. This is not because of the fear of monsters and goons. Your kids are scared of the mice and rodents that have started a rodent infestation in your space. Yes, a rat infestation is one of the major problems that homes in the US with balconies face. Rats take no time to make your home their habitat. If you have rats in your balcony, here are some good rodent repellent hacks that help you keep them out of your home.

A Rat In The Street Can Be The Rat Of Your House

Many secure their homes extremely well so that no rats dare to enter inside and begin a rodent infestation. However, the main place of the house that goes unnoticed and ignored are the gardens and balconies. People do not give a keen eye on the balconies because they are considered as outdoor spaces, but do you know that the same balconies can be a pathway from rats to enter your house? Rats can enter your home through chamber pipes and also by digging your balcony wall into your home. It is not only important to try some rodent control for your homes, but the same rodent repellent hacks must be implemented in the outside places surrounding your house. Follow the below effective tips to keep rats out of your sight - both outside and inside your home. 

Rodent Control Hacks For Balconies:

Crowded Balconies Make Best Rat Hideouts

Balconies look at their best when you keep it clean and tidy. Many of us have no time to clean and declutter this space. Clutter attracts rats to your balcony and they begin their rodent infestation. It is advisable to keep your balcony clean and free from all the clutter. Too many plants are also a bad idea if you have a cozy balcony. They can become the best hideout spaces for rodents. Keep minimum plants or use some good rodent repellents around the pots if you are keen on having a lot of plants. 

Avoid Spilling Food on Balconies

    Crowded balconiesIf you love to sit in your balcony and eat snacks, make sure you clear the leftovers before doing away with the snack packets from the balcony. Rodents need food and water to start their infestation in your balcony space. Make sure that both of these are not made available to the mice and rats that come in search of food and shelter. 

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    Dustbins in Balconies Are a No-No

    Dustbins Many houses have the habit of placing the dustbins in one of the balconies that lead from the kitchens at the home. This is a very wrong practice. Rodents are scavengers and dustbins with any kind of waste material attract them very well. Dustbins in your garden could be another reason for the rats to sneak into your home and start a rat infestation inside your kitchen. Avoid placing the garbage bins in open spaces. 

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    Hanging Clothes Overnight Can Invite Mice

    Hanging clothesWondering if this is a myth? No, this is a fact that you need to know. Many of us do the laundry and hang clothes in the balcony overnight. This practice is wrong because of two things - there may be bacterial growth on your clothes because of the absence of sunlight. The other factor is that rats love the odor of damp clothes and enter into your balcony. It is advisable to hang the damp clothes and dry them during the daylight and control rodents. 

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    Rat Repellent Pockets Help

    Rat When you are choosing a rodent control or a rodent repellent for your balcony, you need to be aware of the effects. Using a chemical rat repellent is dangerous to you, your children, and your pets. Switch to a safer rodent repellent that is natural and can be effective for outdoor use. Get a weather-resistant one so that you do not spend too much money on the rodent control products. The best suggestion of a rodent repellent for balconies is a rodent control pouch that is safe, natural, and long-lasting. 

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