Bed Bugs

Eight Ways in Which Bed Bugs Can Get into Your Home

How do Bed Bugs Spread? 

Here Are Eight Ways in Which Bed Bugs Can Get into Your Home

Are you struggling with bed bugs in your home, but have no idea how they got there? You are not alone since most people are confused about the same issue too. But in case you are wondering, no, bed bugs have nothing to do with how clean or dirty your home is; they just want to be close to fresh blood and simply look for places where bitable humans are available aplenty. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to figure out  how bed bugs made their way into your home:

Do You Travel Frequently?


If the answer is yes, then chances are that you stay in hotels, hostels or motels frequently too. Unfortunately, hotel rooms are areas where bed bug infestations happen too often. It is possible that a few of them hitchhiked on your clothes or your suitcase and came back with you when you returned home. 

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Have You Ever Bought Second-Hand Furniture for Your Home?


Buying second-hand furniture is actually a good idea when you consider the money you can save as well as the rustic and vintage feel that they can offer, However, they can also be crawling with bed bugs. Upon getting into your home, it is easy for bed bugs to spread themselves everywhere. Even while buying new furniture, there is a chance that the furniture could have been infested with bed bugs while in storage or from a delivery truck that also transports used products. 

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Do You Let Guests Stay Over at Your Home Often?


Did you recently organize a fun sleepover for your friends or your family at your place? Good for you. But if the guest’s house has a bed bug problem, they can unknowingly transfer them into your home too. Bed bugs can attach themselves to the guest’s clothes or suitcase and hitchhike their way into your home too. The chances of this are even higher if your guest was staying at a hostel or dormitory for a long time before coming over to your place.  What will happen eventually is that you will end up with your invited guests and a lot more of uninvited ones that will be quite reluctant to leave? 

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Did You Stay Over at Someone Else’s Home Recently?


If the places you go to have bed bugs, they might slink into your belongings and come over to your home with you. It is best to check for signs of bed bug infestation before sleeping in someone else’s home. Tell-Tale Signs include blood smears and dark brown spots or even bed bug eggshells on the mattress.

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Do You Buy Second-Hand Clothes?

hand clothes

There is nothing better than buying used clothes when you are broke but are tired of your existing clothes. However, just like used furniture, second-hand clothes pose the same bed bug hitchhiking problem. It is usually not possible to know beforehand if the clothes had been properly washed before being put up for sale. The best thing to do will be to wash these clothes properly as soon as you bring them to your home. 

Did You Go to a Movie Theatre Recently?


A cinema theatre is an ideal breeding and feeding place for bed bugs, where the problem is often ignored or goes unnoticed. While watching a movie, you might get bitten by bed bugs from the theatre itself or worse, bring a few of them with you to your home. The best option is to choose a well-maintained theatre to watch your movies, where you can be sure that some form of pest control action is being taken regularly. 

Do You Lounge on Couches Often When You Go Out?

lounge on couches

Relaxing on a couch becomes necessary when you go out to public places, especially when you are waiting for someone, The bad news for you if you do it often is that couches, with their soft fabric material, are loved by bed bugs since they prefer it more than metallic surfaces. By now, you probably know that the bed bugs can hop onto your clothes and bring themselves with you, all because you sat on a random couch. 

Does Your Neighbor Have a Bed Bug Problem?

Bed Bug

This is one of the most unfortunate ways to end up with a bed bug infestation in your home. Bed bugs can crawl through connected vents, floorboards, wall cracks and any other unexpected passage you can think of. They can also simply crawl down the hall in your apartment building and enter through the doorway. There is no choice in this case but to get rid of them with a bed bug spray, if you can’t make your neighbor do it in advance. 

While it is quite difficult to spot bed bugs and even more difficult to stop them from spreading, taking extra care to prevent bed bugs naturally can go a long way in avoiding these creepy creatures in the long run.

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