Five Common Mosquito Myths You Shouldn’t Believe In

Five Common Mosquito Myths You Shouldn’t Believe In

Mosquitoes are tiny and fragile, but it is not weird to be afraid of them. This is because they can be deadly, especially when it comes to spreading some of the most dangerous diseases in the world. But there are also several myths surrounding mosquitoes that should be debunked. and these are the most common five of them:

Myth 1: All mosquitoes bite humans

While no one would ever really prefer having any type of mosquitoes inside the home, the truth is that not all of them can be dangerous. It is only female mosquitoes that are attracted to and like to feed on blood, be it human or animal. They require the blood because they need the nutrients from it to lay eggs. Male mosquitoes, on the other hand, eat only plant-based matter.

Myth 2: After feeding, mosquitoes die immediately

Female mosquitoes are driven to drink blood so as to breed properly. After feeding, they simply zoom off and lay their eggs and come back to feed again. This cycle continues, and this means that contrary to popular opinion, mosquitoes don’t die immediately after feeding. That is not to say that mosquitoes have long life spans, however. They can only live for a period of a few days or maybe a couple of months.

Myth 3: The amount of alcohol in a person’s body doesn’t affect a mosquito’s preference

Nobody wants a mosquito (or a swarm of them) while having an outdoor party. However, they might just buzz themselves in without any invitation if there is alcohol involved. More specifically, they are attracted to you more when you are drinking beer, as strange as it may sound. This is also the case for other types of alcoholic beverages involved, such as cocktails. 

Myth 4: Mosquitoes do their hunting only at dawn and dusk

While it can be said that mosquitoes are active during the time around dawn and dusk, they don’t really have any restrictions in sucking your blood at noon. Unlike vampires, they won’t burn to death under the sun either, much to the misfortune of everyone. In fact, some mosquitoes prefer the day time over the night. Therefore, keep your mosquito repellent at hand at all times, not just at night.

Myth 5: Mosquitoes don’t really pose a threat in the United States

Mosquitoes are ever-present around the world, and the United States is no exception. In fact, United States illnesses from mosquitoes have tripled in the last thirteen years. This means that mosquitoes are indeed spreading diseases around the United States and that even the mosquitoes buzzing around in your backyard can pose serious threats to your life. 

It is always better to be safe than sorry, especially in the case of mosquitoes. It is much easier to prevent mosquitoes from getting near you more than trying to find a cure for the disease it spread later. Taking preventive measures, such as using a mosquito repellent can be extremely helpful in keeping the tiny vampires from sucking your blood. 

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