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Four Pests That Commonly Infest Supermarkets, Restaurants and Grocery Stores

Pest problems are too common an issue for supermarket, restaurant and grocery store owners. The easy availability of edible stuff in large amounts is what attracts pests to such places more than anywhere else. In large numbers, pests can cause a whole lot of damage to the shops by destroying the merchandise, and this is not the case for food items alone. There are several pests that can be found in supermarkets, restaurants and grocery stores that can cause varying degrees of damage and need to be kicked out as soon as possible:

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It is not an uncommon sight to have birds swarming around places where fresh food is available. The most common birds that can be real pests are pigeons, sparrows and seagulls. The worst thing that they do is leave droppings and feathers everywhere, including the area right in front of the store, nearby cars, outdoor seating area, garbage dumping areas and so on. It can be a real pain to clean it all up, only to have it happen again the very next day. Moreover, they can also cause damage to the store building, most often by causing cracks on the roof, making tiles fall off and so on. In large numbers, they can also swarm around the customers and steal their food. A DIY thing that can be done to prevent birds is to keep all windows and doors firmly shut when not in use. Properly covering the garbage can also help in preventing birds from coming over to pick up scraps. It is also important to make sure that they are not nesting anywhere near your store.

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Cockroaches are adept at hiding in impossible places, especially in dark places where a lot of food is stored. They can also multiply alarmingly fast, and stink up a place quick due to constantly leaving droppings and saliva everywhere. In this way, they can contaminate the food in grocery stores and supermarkets, and worse, spread extremely unpleasant diseases too. Using a good pest control spray against the cockroaches is crucial to keep your food items safe and sound.



The worst thing about rats and mice in a supermarket or restaurant is that it is not just the food that they will end up destroying, like cockroaches. With their surprisingly strong teeth, they can gnaw on things like bricks and lead. This means that they can also cause damage to a building, electronic equipment, machinery and so on. They can also make your store extremely dirty, by leaving droppings and fur around everywhere.
Therefore, simply protecting your food items won’t stop rodents from causing havoc in your supermarket. They can also cause diseases like Salmonella, Leptospirosis, Toxoplasmosis and Rat Bite Fever. Because of this, it is important to figure out signs of a rat infestation early on so that preventive measures can be taken to keep yourself and your customers safe.

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Flies have the tendency to zoom around any place where a lot of foodstuff is available, even though they are alright with eating pretty much anything, including human waste. They are also commonly found in places where garbage is stored, as well as in the drainage and sink areas. It is an immediate turn off for most customers to walk in and see a store that has food with flies swarming around it. This is almost a guarantee to send them right back out of the door immediately. This is not unreasonable, since flies can be taken as a sign of poor
hygiene, and are to be afraid of considering the diseases they can spread.
Properly sealing off the food items is necessary to prevent flies from getting attracted to the odour. As an extra measure, keeping nets around the store is a good idea to keep the flies from entering inside. Using good pest repelling products, as well as doing routine checks for flies can go a long way in keeping them from buzzing themselves in.

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