Four Unexpected Diseases that a House Fly Can Spread

Four Unexpected Diseases that a House Fly Can Spread

Nothing can spoil a picnic than a swarm of houseflies buzzing in from nowhere and forcing you to spend most of your time swatting them away from your food. It is not possible to know where they were before landing on your food, since they eat and land on pretty much everything around them, including fecal matter. It is important to remember that flies have taste receptors on their feet, and that when they simply land on food, they are also feeding from it. A creature like that should not be allowed anywhere near you while you’re eating, since they can pick up all kinds of diseases from various places and add it into your food. There are diseases spread by houseflies that can make you really sick and even kill you slowly. Here is a list of four diseases so dangerous that you wouldn't expect a tiny house fly to be the one spreading it:

1. Cholera


Cholera is a dangerous disease that can kill the affected person within hours of being infected, if the right treatment is not given. Scary reports show that it causes up to 143000 deaths per year. It is caused by a bacteria known as Vibrio cholerae, which can spread from human waste, spoiled fish, contaminated water and so on. Flies feasting on such waste can easily pick the bacteria up and transfer it into your food.

2. Salmonella


A salmonella infection can affect your intestines, and generally happen when the human eats salmonella affected food. This disease can happen when you eat chicken that hasn’t been cooked through. House flies that carry salmonella bacteria, when eaten by a chicken, can get it infected. When that infected chicken is eaten, the disease gets passed on. It generally affects children more than adults.

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3. Typhoid


Typhoid is caused by a bacteria called Salmonella typhi, which is spread to the human body through contaminated food and water. It is not a common disease, but being around house flies can increase your chances of contracting it.

4. Anthrax


Anthrax is caused by a bacteria called Bacillus anthracis, and though extremely rare, it can be spread by houseflies. It can cause breathing troubles and sores and ulcers on the body. It happens when the bacteria is transferred from an infected animal to a human’s body, and that is exactly the kind of thing house flies are known for.

House flies can be difficult to catch, even more than mosquitoes. You can try covering your food properly when it is not being eaten, and also keeping the windows closed to stop flies from zooming in. The best thing you can do, however, is to use some form of pest repellent so as to keep them away.

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