Four Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe from Mosquitoes

Four Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe from Mosquitoes

Getting bitten by a mosquito is not fun, but when it is your dog that is getting bitten, it seems twice as painful to you. As is the case for humans, mosquitoes can spread deadly diseases to dogs too, such as heartworm, West Nile virus and severe allergic reactions that can put your dog’s life at risk. But don’t worry, there are four ways in which you can prevent those pesky creatures from chomping on your dog without going to the vet:

Prevent Your Dog from Being Around Water Bodies as Much as You Can


Mosquitoes thrive in water bodies as well as a breed in it. Standing water is especially favorable for mosquitoes, and it can be found in anything from a pond to a long-unused bucket of water in your yard. Being around such water can be risky for a dog (as well as for yourself). This is especially true if stagnant water is left in your dog’s water bowl for too much time. Therefore, the best thing to do is to prevent the creation of standing water in your home. Doing a thorough check to ensure the same is ideal. Emptying and cleaning your dog’s water bowl and keeping it away upside down is a good idea to prevent mosquitoes from making a breeding ground out of it. 

Check Your Dog’s Kennel Carefully for Holes Through Which Mosquitoes Can Get Through


Mosquitoes are so small that is quite difficult to spot them unless they are zooming close to your face or taking a bite out of you. They are also quite adept at sneaking in through unnoticed cracks and holes on the walls of your home, just like rats. While your dog is in a kennel, it is much easier for mosquitoes to come and feed on it. If your dog lives inside the house, make sure that all the holes have been properly sealed on the house walls. If your dog stays in a kennel, make sure to keep a mosquito net in place so as to prevent mosquitoes from swarming in. 

Allow Your Dog to Go Outdoors When There Are Fewer Mosquitoes Outside


It is a good idea to call your dog inside your home when there is a chance of more mosquitoes being present. The time around sunrise and sunset are when mosquitoes become active, as well as throughout the night. It is no fun listening to a mosquito singing close to your ear all night, and for your dog, it could be much worse to bear it. As for being outdoors at other times, attracting natural predators of mosquitoes to your backyard is not a bad idea to let nature do the trick by itself.

Use Safe Mosquito Repellents on Your Dog for Protection

Dog for Protection

If your dog loves playing outdoors more than anything else, it is necessary, especially in the warmer seasons, to apply a mosquito repellent on your dog’s body. This will make it much safer for your dog to stay outside the house for a longer period, especially if there are large stagnant water bodies nearby. What needs to be given attention, however, is to use a naturally derived mosquito repellent that won’t cause any harmful side effects to your dog’s health, since too much exposure to chemicals can cause serious problems in the long run. 

While keeping dogs away from mosquitoes is essential, it is also necessary to make sure that your pet is far away from other common pests that can cause diseases and are attracted to them, especially fleas and ticks.
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