Garden Pests Than Can Be Dangerous To Your Pet Dog

Garden Pests Than Can Be Dangerous To Your Pet Dog

Having a pet at home and watching it joyfully play is the most soothing treat to the eyes. Just like how you will have a favorite spot at your home, most of your pets- especially the dogs love to spend their time in the gardens and the backyard, chasing the butterflies, rolling on the turf, or taking a sunbath. You must be happy  watching your dog in the garden chasing its tail and running around. Well, it does not end with joy and laughter.  Your dogs can be encountering serious infections from various pests that are found in the outdoor space of your home. 

It is not just the tick fever or the lyme disease that is caused by ticks and fleas, your dog can be prone to tiny and huge pet attacks that you can never imagine. Here is a list of the pests that could spread infectious diseases in your dog when you leave it in the garden. You need to know that your dog could love the garden, but there are many pests in the garden that could look at your dog as a snack to feast on. Here are some of the pests that trouble your dog. Read about how you can get rid of them. 

1. Ticks


The most common pest found on all the dogs are ticks. There are many kinds of ticks and each kind makes way for an infectious disease that does not just stop with your dog, but spreads to humans too. Besides this, the crawling of these ticks makes your dog scratch and hurt himself badly. 

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2. Fleas


Fleas are small flies? Definitely not! The fleas are tiny crawlers that crawl on your dog. These tiny pests are not only found in between the fur of cats and dogs, but are also found on hamsters, rodents, mice and even on other garden pests such as racoons and moles that could make way into your garden. Their bites are irritating and you could see a lot of wounds and blood spots on your pet dog when they begin their infestation. 

3. Spiders


Spiders are scared of your dog, but the ones that could bite and sting can probably attack your pet dog when your dog accidentally breaks a cobweb amidst the leaves in the garden. On a safe note, keeping these tiny spiders away could be better for your dog. Who would know that a poisonous spider could possibly live in your garden?

4. Rodents


Mice and rodents must be your major concern when you have a lot of pests in your home. Yes! Mice and rodents love to give your dog a bite when it is lazily sleeping in your garden and the bite is not only painful, but also can spread life-taking infections and diseases to your pet dogs. In case you are living in the countryside, make sure you keep your pet protected from the moles that could burrow and hide in your gardens. 

5. Mosquitoes


Mosquitoes find the blood of dogs as pleasing as that of humans. They find it safer to bite the dog because this poor four-legged pet of yours cannot immediately snap it with its paws. There could be many mosquitoes in the garden and you need to be extra careful while dealing with them because your pet could be around.

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Garden Pest Repellent Ideas To Keep Your Pet Safe


1. Keep Your Garden and Backyard Clutter-Free - An open and a spacious garden is a pest free one. You need to always make sure that your garden is free from clutter, waste, and garbage so that the pests do not find it inviting. 

2. Check for Pest Infestation Frequently - A pest infestation can happen anytime and anywhere. You need to always closely observe the garden ground, pots, leaves, and even the windows and doors. Any sign of infestation can alert you and make you stop the pests from building their community. 

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3. Always Have a Keen Observation of Your Pet Dog - Your pet dog’s changed behavior could give you a clue about your garden having pests. They could either be digging all the mud in your garden or scratching themselves if the tiny pests get on them. When this happens, 

4. Grow Some Pest-Repellent Plants That Are Safe for the Pet - Plants like basil, catnip, celery, marigold and even mint have the ability to repel both tiny insects, bugs, flies and mosquitoes, and even rodents. Plant these pest-repellent plants in your garden to repel pests in a 100% natural and not-toxic way. 

5. Get a Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly Tick Repellent Spray - Essential oils that have a natural composition work as amazing pest repellents. Get a safe and friendly outdoor spray to keep your garden and pest safe. They keep all the pests out of your garden and your pet dog can safely roll over the grass and play anywhere in the garden. 

6. Use a Good Tick and Flea Spray for Your Pet - Choose a natural and safe non-toxic tick and flea spray for your pet to keep them extra safe at all times. 

Do not wait until it gets late. Get the 100% natural, safe, and non-toxic outdoor pest repellent spray now!

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