Hair Care Tips At Home

Hair Care Tips For Kids

As parents, we are always concerned about the well-being of our little ones. Some of us take extra care and extra measures to make sure that our little ones have good health. Well, good health is not only to stick along with your diet plan. Hair Hygiene tips and balanced growth also play an important role too. Just like body care and tooth care, healthy hair care in kids play a very important role. Toddlers and little children are blessed with good hair that needs to be taken care of well. The nourishment and right toddler hair care routine that you provide your little one makes the hair roots strong and the hair thicker. Here are some of the major natural hair care tips at home that you need to follow for your toddler or your little superstar. 

1. Oiling

Hair Oiling

The hair of your toddler is soft and silky. With time, the smoothness may change. This happens because of the pollution, sunlight, and hair care products they are exposed to. The best way of helping them have a soft and smooth hair texture even as they grow old is to condition their hair well. There is no good conditioner for the hair other than natural oils like olive, coconut, and almond oil. A good hair oil massage needs to be given at least on the weekends. Avoid oiling your little one’s hair when she is out to play or if she gets out in the sun. You can oil your little one’s hair and leave it overnight. You can also give a good hair oil massage and leave it for an hour before your child bathes. Concentrate on the scalp and then the roots. This helps in avoiding splits too. 

2. Hair Wash

Hair Wash

Hair wash is both good and bad for your little one and this completely depends on the kind of hair scalp your little one has. A good hair care shampoo is all that you need to keep your little one’s scalp clean and healthy. You need to have a close look at your little one’s hair scalp. If she has a lot of sebum secretion and hence an oily scalp, a good hair wash is recommended every single day with a mild shampoo. Be sure that you dry the scalp completely or your toddler will catch a cold. In case your little one has a dry scalp, you can give her a hair wash thrice a week. Use naturally composed shampoos for better results and stronger hair growth. Avoid using a hair conditioner and if you have a special day, apply the conditioner only on the hair maintenance tips and not hair roots.

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3. Dandruff Protection

Dandruff Protection

Dandruff is a common issue in school going kids. Dandruff occurs because of too much dry scalp or an oily scalp. The sebum on the head when left ignored causes the dead skin cells on the air to clamp. This leads to a lot of hair damage and there are chances that your little one gets pimples and acne too. The best way to get rid of dandruff is to use a small bristle comb and some good hair care shampoo. Along with this, you can also use the comb-shaped massager probe of a high-frequency machine to clear off dandruff from the head scalp. 

4. Lice Protection

Lice Protection

Getting lice on the head is very common. One louse can multiply very quickly into a hundred lice within a few days. Your little one can pick it up easily when she goes to school or when a guest who has lice visits home. As a parent, you need to be extra careful and cautious about the lice repellent techniques you use on your toddler’s head. The best way to remove lice treatment is to go natural with MDX Concept’s Flint lice spray. The lice spray has essential oils in its composition that improves hair growth and hair texture along with keeping all the lice away from the head.  

5. Hair Trimming 

Hair Trimming

Trimming your little one’s hair is very important and crucial. They are exposed to the sun and pollution just like any other adult.  There are a lot of chances that your little one’s hair tips may end up into splits. Along with this, long hair for little children will make their roots weak too. It is advisable to keep the hair trimmed short until they get on to a manageable age. 

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6. Hair Combing

Hair Combing

Combing your little ones’ hair is strengthening it too. Apart from having the locks removed, it improves the blood circulation in the head scalp and also makes way for better hair growth. Combing hair after spraying the Natural Lice Repellent Spray on the scalp removes the lice from the hair. This makes way for a cleaner and healthier hair and scalp too. 

Let’s keep your toddler’s hair healthy together. Get MDX Concept’s Flint lice to spray now!

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