How to Get Rid of Mice

Hassle-Free Ways To Remove Rodents From Your Home

If you have rodents and rats in your house, you must have looked for solutions as well. Needless to say, the answers that you came across were not exactly easy. We are so sure about what your search results were because we did it too. What we found was horribly complicated as well. Not only that, some solutions even felt risky and even had the potential to harm you and your family. Moreover, some of those solutions felt inhumane.

So Here Are Few Practical and Hassle-Free Ideas That Can Help You Remove Rodents from Your House Without Such Issues:

Active Surveillance & Steps


To remove or rodent control in your house, the first step would be to make sure you do enough to prevent their entry into your house, apartment, or business. You will have to repair the cracks and holes, fill up the tunnels and burrows, and put a metal mesh on their entry points like the pipes and ventilators. 

When we mentioned surveillance, we meant actively looking out for signs of rats and rodents—things like rodent droppings, especially around kitchen corners, cabinets, and the area under the sink.

How Effective Are Rodent Repellent Granules On Rats

We also stress trying to find out the food and water source that these rodents are after. AS in, rodents and rats chose your house as they found a proper food and water source in it. So you will have to find out and remove rodents. This will mostly involve repairing leaky pipes and taps, disposing of the garbage, using a lid-covered trash can.

Outdoor Recommendations To Keep Rodents Away

Outdoor Rodent

If you have a garden, do not plant plants like ivy as they are notorious for providing shelter and being a food source for rodents, snails, and slugs. Moreover, plants like ivy often act as a way for rodents to reach your windows, attics, and other interior spaces.

If you are planting trees and shrubs in your garden, make sure that you leave at least a 2-foot space between them and your building, as the rodents usually use these trees to climb into your house. 

Rodent Control for Your Lawn Garden or Yard

Make sure to cover up your garbage can as an open lid is nothing but an invitation to rodents to scavenge it.

Indoor Recommendations To Keep Rodents Away

Indoor Rat

If you intend to keep rodents away from your kitchen, you might want to start buying containers for your food items, especially for breakfast cereals, chips, and cookies. Try to keep your kitchen counter clean. This also means removing any leftover food and washing off the dishes before going off to sleep at night. You will also need to repair those leaky pipes and taps as they act as the perfect water source for rats and rodents.

DIY Rodent Repellent Tips

Along with food and water sources, the other thing that attracts rodents is hiding places. If you keep your house all cluttered up in cold seasons, it acts as the perfect hiding place for rodents with enough warmth to living comfortably.

Using Rodenticides


Using rodenticides is what most people fall back to when they think of a hassle-free and effective way to deal with rodents. But the reality is that rodenticides are far from being hassle-free. Being poisonous, it poses a threat to the ‘non-pests’ and non-animals. In simpler terms, if your pets somehow come in contact with it or even your child, it can prove to be fatal for their health. 

Mouse Prevention Tips

Moreover, with things like rat poison, you also have issues like hygiene. That is, most toxins take time to act on rodents. So, after ingesting, most rodents go off to die in some secluded hard-to-reach corner of your house. This means that while you have a dead rat in some obscure part of your house, you will have no clue about its presence until the dead body starts smelling and spreading germs.

In comparison, it is much safer to use nature-based pest repellent sprays made from naturally derived ingredients. While there is no doubt about their effectiveness, they boast about being safe for usage in a domestic environment. This means that you do not have to worry about your family’s safety. Moreover, these products being repellents will drive away from the rodents from your house without harming them. This way, you do not have to face issues like dead rats.

So what do you think? Do you want to give these methods to ret rid of mice a shot to have a rodent-free house without the usual hassle?


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