How A Natural Tick And Flea Spray Protects Your Dog

How A Natural Tick And Flea Spray Protects Your Dog

Nothing makes you happier than to see your dog explore the woods and jump into puddles and lakes for a mud bath. Ticks and fleas, however, can turn that smile upside down! At this point, you need to make sure that your awsome is protected. You don’t want your furry little one to bear the brunt of heavy medication, now do you? Here’s how a natural, chemical-free and toxic-free tick and flea spray can act as a strong and preventive measure for your dog.

How Tick and Flea Spray Can Help Your Dog?

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Many tend to get home a tick spray for dogs or a flea control spray for their dogs only after they notice ticks and fleas. You can call this a wrong practice because it is always good to prevent rather than to cure. You need to spray a natural tick and flea repellent for dogs every single day. Follow doing this religiously if your dog spends most of his time outdoors and hates being indoor. The spray can protect your dog from the below-listed pests and organisms. 

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From Ticks - Well, this is what made you choose the tick and flea spray for dogs. Ticks are crawlers that you find sticking to the skin of your dog and sometimes moving around amidst its fur.  Ticks, however, do not stay on your dog for a lot of time. They suck the blood and fall off from your dog to crawl towards their hideout. They hold on to the paws under the limbs, neck, and the inner ear lobes of your paw animal. A bite from them may cause tick fever that could eventually lead to death. 

From Mosquitoes - If your dog loves your garden and backyard, be assured that the mosquitoes are equally excited! Yes, mosquitoes live on the blood of dogs. They are more dangerous to dogs than to humans. A flea control spray or a tick spray for dogs could help keep these nasty biters away from your canine friends.

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From Bees - Bee hives are common if you reside a little towards the countryside. Bees can regularly visit your garden for nectar. A bite from the bee can make you go wild for a while. The bees do not spare your dog and could sting them too. Your dog may become a victim of Anaphylactic shock, and the reactions start in less than 10 minutes after the sting. It can be fatal, and your dog may die too. You could be using a strong odor giving best flea tick spray for dogs as safe barriers from bees. 

From Ants - Red ants bite badly, and the black ones tickle the dog as they crawl through the furry coat. The dogs get a tickly feeling when this happens, and they scratch themselves until they bleed to reduce the itchy sensation. Ants are always on the lookout for food, and they may bite your dog’s mouth while trying to eat the food sticking on to the dog’s whiskers. Although ants spread no diseases, it is good to keep them away from your paw friend. You can use the same tick and flea spray for dogs to keep the ants away from your dogs.  

From Germs - The best tick spray for dogs and the flea control spray for dogs do not keep the more significant pests away, but also work on the microscopic bacteria and germs too. There is not one but many diseases that your dog can catch while staying out or staying at home. Using a tick and spray for dogs keeps them extra safe and protected from all germs. 

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What Kind of Tick and Flea Spray for Dogs Must You Choose:

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Medical experts recommend that the pet parents must use the tick and flea and tick treatment spray for dogs regularly or even every single day. The use of the flea tick control spray or the tick control spray for dogs goes with the grooming session of your dog. Since you will have to use it every day, avoid purchasing chemical-based tick and flea spray for dogs and cats. Choose non-toxic flea control spray or dog tick spray for home that have natural composition. 

There are a few FDA approved tick and flea control for dogs that have natural and inert elements. The oils of peppermint lavender, lemongrass and cinnamon work as tick flea and other insect repellents. These oils have anti-microbial properties and keep your pet pal safe both indoors and outdoors. You will have to buy one such spray that keeps your pet safe and does not cause any infections to you and your children. Apart from this, they keep your dog smelling fresh and pleasant all day long. 

How to Use the Non-Toxic Tick and Flea Spray Rightly?

Non-Toxic Tick and Flea Spray

The tick and flea spray for dogs work effectively on your paw friend only when you use it the right way. Groom your pet’s fur in the direction opposite its hair growth and spray the non-toxic natural flea and tick prevention for dog directly on the skin. Avoid the eyes but spray in the earlobes and in between the paws. The odour of the spray from MDX Concepts is long-lasting. In case you are using this, make sure you use it at least one in three days. 

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