How Effective Are Rodent Repellent Granules On Rats

How Effective Are Rodent Repellent Granules On Rats

Rodents are one hell of a headache to all of us. We’ve been extra cautious about them entering our homes gardens and fields and taking appropriate measures, but these make way into our space effortlessly and create a ruckus. Here is a blog that talks about rodents, their infestation, diseases they spread, and how ideal the rat repellent granules can be in keeping them away. 

Rodents - A Pain in the Throat:


Each of us has our very own encounter story with rats and rodents. It could be of a rat sneaking into your office or home or field mice destroying the crops in the garden. Rats and rodents make way into your space if they find it inviting. All that they need is food and shelter to survive and reproduce into a large family of rats. They can sneak in from the window or can swim into your space through the chambers. Having them around is not just scary because they bite but risky because they spread infections. 

Reasons to have a Rat Infestation:

rat infestation

There are many reasons behind rats and rodents entering your space and loitering around. Some of the main reasons could be easy access for food, open garbage bins, improper sanitation, too much clutter in your area, and more. Rats usually prefer moist places like kitchens and gardens. It is effortless to notice a rat infestation at our home. You can find it when you see your wooden doors nibbled; there is rat poop all over, or sometimes a rat escaping your sight as fast as the wind. 

Common Rat Infections:


We use the rat repellent granules or other mouse repellents because none of us wants to get a rat bite. Rats commonly bite you when you are asleep and pass on the infectious germs into your bloodstream. The common diseases that are at perks now are the Hantavirus infection, plague, LCMV Tularemia, and more. These infections spread quickly among humans, although it starts from a rat bite or when the humans come in contact with the urine, saliva, and faces of rodents and mice.

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Trapping a Rodent Could Be Dangerous:

Trapping a rodent

There are a lot of methods to repel rodents from your space. The most common chosen ones are placing rat poison, using rat traps and baits, and using dogs and cats to hunt them down. The glue traps and mouse traps do not work at all times - especially if you plan on catching a big rodent or a field mouse. You should not be letting dogs and cats hunt down the rats as rats could transmit infectious germs and diseases to your pet. There are many such cases reported in The United States.  Rule out the idea of placing rat poison to kill rats and rodents. The same may be picked up by your house pets and children, and this is fatal. The better alternative to all of this is to use the rodent repellent granules.

Rodent Repellent Granules Are Not Baits:


Many of us get confused that the rodent repellent granules are baits that kill the rats and rodents. We think that these granules are poisonous and avoid using it. Well, you need to know that these rodent repellents are all-natural and non-toxic. They are not baits that attract rats towards it and then kill them. These repellents are made with natural oils of cedarwood, peppermint spearmint, and other such oils whose fragrance irritates the rats and mice in your place. The scent that these granules have keeps the rodents out of your space.

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How These Non-Toxic Rodent Repellents Work:

rodent repellent granules

Using these rodent repellent granules is simple. Just take some of it in your hand and spread it across the rodent-infested places. These pellets are safe to be used when kids and pets are around. They are waterproof and are long-lasting. If you buy one pack of granules, they may come up to a year. The granules help in keeping away other pests along with rodents from your space. They are ideal for indoor use and make the best natural rat repellents for grocery stores, homes, pantries, and other places prone to a rat infestation. 

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