Natural Bed Bug Repellent For Children

How Safe Is Natural Bed Bug Repellent For Children

Bed bugs are spoilers of your peaceful sleep. Bed bug infestation needs only one-bed bug that comes from the outside. You eventually will not know that you are sharing your bed and furniture until your house has a bed bug infestation and it is a little too late to realize that. With the intention to chase bed bugs away, we end up doing things that can be harmful to children and pets in the house. 

In this blog, you’ll find out all about natural bed bug sprays and how they are useful and safe with children around.

What Are Bed Bugs?

bed bugs

Most of you must have not come across a bed bug ever and this is good for you. For those of you who are dealing with it, there is nothing new. Bed bugs are often mistaken to be the roaches who have just hatched out of eggs. Well, both are very different from each other if you make a close and keen observation. They are reddish-brown in colour and look more like the seed of an apple. They can get squished and have a very unpleasant smell. These tiny creatures are quick runners and they run over and about to suck your blood and quickly move back into their hideouts in your furniture. Unlike the roaches, they do not grow big and are very tiny, but multiply very quickly and build a huge bed bug infestation in no time. 

5 Hacks To Find A Bed Bug Infestation And 5 Tips To Keep Them Away

What Causes Bed Bug Infestation

bed bug infestation

For those of you who have experienced bed bug infestation, all of you will have one question in your mind. Where did the bed bugs come from? Well, they could come from anywhere, just like the roaches. All that they need is a good hideout spot inside your furniture. The bed bugs normally enter your home on a guest or a visitor who has bed bug infestations in their homes. The bugs can also be picked up from hotels, schools, offices and other such places. One bed bug inside your home is all it takes to multiply into a bed bug empire.

Getting to Know a Bed Bug Infestation

The bed bugs are quick runners and sometimes, their bites hardly get noticed. It is difficult to find out that they exist in your place, but not impossible to get to know their presence. Here are some easy ways to find out if you are coliving with bed bugs

  • Bloodstains on Your Mattress - When a bed bug gets accidentally squished by you, it leaves bloodstains on the pillows, bedspreads, and also on the mattress. This proves that there is a bed bug infestation in your home and you are being bitten by them.
  • Unpleasant Smell - If there is a bed bug infestation in your place, your bed, furniture, and even your wardrobe begin to smell differently. This fragrance is not very pleasant. When you begin to get a different odour, make sure you look out for the bed bugs
  • White Dust on Your Furniture - If you come across white dust like powdery particles on your bed and the wooden furniture, it gives you another sign of bed bug infestation at your home. These white particles are the eggshells from which a new set of bed bugs are hatched. 

Eight Ways in Which Bed Bugs Can Get into Your Home

  • Itchy Red Marks on Your Body - A bite from the mosquito is very itchy. A bite from the bed bug is itchier and you will also find tiny red marks on your skin. These definitely do not resemble pimples and are clear tiny cuts on the skin. This calls for you to look out for bed bug infestation and get rid of them soon.  
  • Bed Bugs Themselves - If you are having a doubt that there is a bed bug infestation at your place, make sure you wake up in the middle of the night and quickly turn the lights on. If there are bed bugs, it is very obvious that you will find some running around all over your mattress and blankets to reach their hideouts in your furniture. 

Common Bed Bug Repellent Practices

Having bed bugs on your bed is definitely a nightmare. It becomes even more worrisome when you have infants, toddlers, and kids in the room where you find bed bug infestation. Their bites are very annoying to your children and there are chances of them spreading the secondary skin infections. As parents, we sometimes opt for the wrong methods of best bug repellent practices that can be more dangerous to your little ones. Some of these practices that are a complete no are given here.

Tell-Tale Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

Using Toxic Home Bed Bug Spray

Home bed bug spray

There are a lot of home bed bug sprays available in the market and most of them have a composition that is harmful not only for the bed bugs but also for humans and kids too. If you are using toxic repellents, the odor may cause respiratory tract irritation along with breathlessness in children and adults too.

DDT Powder

DDT Powder

The other most common bed bug repellent hacks that many try out very commonly. DDT dries out the bed bugs instantly and all that is left behind is its shell. While the results of this are promising the use of DDT can be harmful to the skin of humans and most importantly children. Kids may tend to get itching and also some allergies. 

Pungent Bed Bug Sprays

Pungent bed bug sprays

There are a lot of pungent bed bug sprays that have a lot of unhealthy composition. The use of such sprays may lead to breathing difficulties, headache, nausea, lack of sleep, and also skin allergies. 

Reasons Why Natural Bed Bug Repellents Are Safe:

It is always good to look out for something instant and something natural. Nature has produced the best bed bug repellents that make our life easier. Nothing can be as safe as something natural. Some of the most common bed bug repellents are the fragrances of lavender, peppermint, cinnamon, sweet orange, and lemongrass too. These fragrances not only repel bed bugs and other insects but make way for a fresher and a more soothing home too. The lavender oil used in the natural bed bug spray is effective in chasing away the bed bugs, improves concentration, and induces good sleep at night. The citrus oils and peppermint oil curbs nausea and keeps the air purified and fresh. The natural oils used in the natural bed bug repellent do not cause any harm on the skin too.  It is a better option to choose a natural bed bug spray as this can be the best bed bug repellent that is child-friendly and pet-friendly.  

Do not share your bed and furniture with bed bugs. Avoid choosing the wrong hacks to repel these creatures. Choose the best bed bug repellent that is natural and beneficial. Get the Gypsum Bed Bug Spray from MDX Concepts - USA’s most trusted pest repellent brand, and make way for a cleaner and bed-bug free home. 

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