How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs

How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs - Ultimate Guide for 2021

If Old McDonald were to sing this song, it’d go: ‘Here a bug, there a bug, everywhere a damn bug!’ Yes, bed bugs are more common than you’d think! 84%of pest control professionals were initially contacted about a different type of pest before identifying them as bedbugs! Now that’s an insane statistic of people who weren’t able to identify a bed bug infestation!

Bed bugs have clear tell-tale infestation signs if you care to pay attention. One of the to spot a bed bug infestation is to find dark red blobs of blood on best ways linen and other furniture. You can also tell if you have been itching and find a bite mark. A musty odor, eggshells, and dark red bed bug excrement are gross signs to look out for!

So, now that you know, here’s how you can quickly get rid of these mangey minions. We have gathered some fastest ways to get rid of bed bugs. Follow these easy tips and tricks:

1. Vacuum Every Piece of Furniture, Linen, and Carpet:


If you have found bed bugs in your home’s bedroom, chances are in other spots too! Bed bugs have unique and cozy hiding spots, furniture being the primary choice to hide. The best course of action here would be to vacuum every piece of furniture, linen, carpet, and rug you own! If any, bed bugs will get sucked into the vacuum, and you’ll get on the fast track to reduce their number.

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2. Use Natural Bed Bug Control Sprays:

Bed Bug Control Sprays

Natural Pesticides for Getting Rid of Bed Bugs are the best choices that one can make. Keep a 100% natural bed bug spray handy with you! It never hurts to have some added pest control weapon of your own! Plus, natural pest control sprays are more effective than their chemical counterparts. Using these sprays is the fastest Way to Get Rid of Bed Bugs, and safe too! Natural methods of pest control do not allow pests to develop an immunity against them. The natural sprays work better with each use and are a great way to eliminate bed bugs at the onset. Use the spray continuously for 4-6 weeks to make sure they are destroyed!

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3. Make a DIY Spray:

DIY Pest Spray

Many naturally obtained essential oils work as great bed bug control agents As we said earlier,, Natural Pesticides for Getting Rid of Bed Bugs are the best choices, fashioning a DIY spray to eliminate your bed bug situation will never disappoint you! Peppermint, Tea Tree, Thyme, Lemongrass, and Lavender are essential oils that help eradicate bed bugs. Take a spray bottle and add 10-15 drops of a combination of two essential oils, and you have yourself a DIY pest control spray!

Not just bed bugs, this spray works great to repel mosquitoes, fleas, and other common pests.

4. Clean The Area:

Clean the bug area

Once you’ve spotted a bed bug infestation, it becomes paramount that you clean the area thoroughly. Dismantle the headboards, take the carpets out and use a brush to dry scrub them. We pray that the force stays with you! It’s a hard-knock situation to find yourself in, but once it’s over, you’ll be on cloud 9! Vacuum the baseboards, furniture, bed stands, rails, headboards, footboards, bed seams, tufts, buttons, edges of the bedding, and edges of the carpets. You can also give your linen a hot water wash in the machine afterward.

Get rid of the vacuum bags as well as the brush you used to scrub these tiny annoyances! You don’t want them clinging on the bristles only to sneak their way into your home again!

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5. Call For Professional Help

Professional Pest Control

This is the best way to treat bed bugs if none of your natural & DIY methods are working for you. We all should know when to keep calm and know when to call it quits! There’s only so much we can do when it comes to bed bugs! If you have kids and pets at home with no extra help, it becomes an uphill task. It becomes really impossible to manage both! That’s when you should throw in the towel, and don’t shy from asking for professional help from the pest control wizards!

You will not regret it!

There it was! Our quick and easy bed bug eradication tips! You can Choose the Best Way to Treat Bed Bugs from the list that suits your home needs. We hope that you make the best from these tips and your bed bug problem is a thing of the past! We’ll be back with more, until then; Stay bugging awesome!

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