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How To Keep Bugs and Pests Away While Camping

Camping and treks are the best de-stressing things that make you fall in love with nature all over again. Your travel wish list cannot be complete without the names of Montana, Crater Lake, White Mountain National Forest, Sawtooth National Park, and many of such scenic places in it. 

Camping is fun if you plan it well. Your planning needs to include pest control too.  The most common infections could be you encountering yellow fever, tick-borne fever and infections, rashes, infection due to insect or pest bites, and more. 

This happens if you fail on the pest control during your camping. The ultimate way to camp in the best way is to avoid all the bugs, ants, and other pests you could encounter during your expedition. Here are some fantastic natural pest control tips that you can try out when you are camping. 

Tips to Keep Pests Away While Camping

1. Know the Spot Before You Camp


Your location does not only sightseeing, survival, and fun experience. The camping spot you go to can have many pests apart from the common ants, mosquitoes, and bugs. It could have poisonous spiders too. Know what could move around in your camping spot before you go there, set a tent, and then Check on the guide to travel to those camping spots and take the right pest control spray with you. 

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2. Watch Out When You Dress-Up


Your camping attire not just includes clothes that keep you warm but also the clothes that will help you with survival and pest attack prevention. Try wearing something that keeps you warm and cozy and controls the bugs and insects from giving you a bite. The mosquitoes out in the camping spot can bite you through your clothes. Try getting some natural pest control stickers and stick them on your clothes to avoid them.

3. Spread Coffee Grounds Around Your Tent 


A hot cup of coffee prepared on your portable stove under the moon, when you camp keeps you awake at night and keeps you warm from the cold nights. Do you know what else it could do? It keeps the pests away! Yes, coffee grounds can control insects, bugs, and other pests too. Do not cast the used coffee grounds away. Instead, spread them around your tent and keep the pests away from your camping spot. The coffee fragrance acts as natural pest control and keeps the insects and rodents away. 

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4. Light A Bonfire

BonfireYou heard that right! You usually set up a bonfire to prevent you from freezing in the cold. The same fire could help you keep the bugs, mosquitoes, rodents, and insects around. Say thanks to the smoke.  Remember that smoke is not good for the environment, and make a small bonfire if you are permitted. 

10 Tips to Keep Pests Away While Camping

5. Apply Perfumes Especially Those Made with Natural Extracts 

Natural Perfumes Well, all of us love to smell good and get ourselves the best perfumes. Did you know that many insects and mosquitoes get attracted to these pleasing scents? Avoid perfumes - especially the ones with a floral fragrance. If you still want to smell good, choose perfumes with essential oil fragrances of peppermint, lemon, orange, lavender, and even cinnamon. These fragrances act as natural pest control odors and keep the bugs, insects, mosquitoes, and even rodents away. Such scents would keep you smelling good and becomes a chemical-free bug repellent. 

6. Food Sharing Is Caring, but Not with Pests

Food The best part of a camping expedition is to cook food in the open air and to share it with the camping friends. The same food that you prepare could bring the pests closer to you. Make sure you cover the food well when you do not use it and discard all the food scraps effectively to control the insects and rodents. Do not litter the place and keep the camping spot clean to avoid it into leading into a pest infestation.

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7. Let a Natural Outdoor Pest Control Spray Be in Your Packing List 

Outdoor pest control spray

Among the to-pack and to-carry list for your trekking and camping expenditure, make sure you carry a good chemical-free natural pest control spray along with you. This spray is much-needed since it can save you from insect bites and from having a bad outdoor camping experience. Remember to always choose something that is safe and eco-friendly. There are many FDA-approved sprays available in the stores. Pick one for your safety. 

Have a pest-free camping and trekking experience. Get the best natural insect repellent spray here!

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