How to Rodent-proof Your House

How to Rodent-proof Your House?

Any type of rodents in the house is a cause for concern.  They not only bite your clothes and create holes, but unfortunately, they torment you with unexpected things like food contamination, spreading of disease, electrical wire damage, and more.  Once they establish their domain, it’s quite difficult to eradicate them but there's hope.

How to Protect the House from Rodents?


Fill up the hole with steel wool: ‘Steel wool’ is what you need if you want to keep mice out of your house. Mice can gnaw through paper, insulation, and even drywall but not steel wool.  Even if they try, they die somewhere in the cutting process.  You can stuff the wool in the holes and prevent them from entering your house.

Use the Bright Light

bright light

Mice are nocturnal animals and less likely to show up at well-lit places. A dark, damp place gives a siren call to all the pests of the city.  You can turn this situation to your advantage by using strobe lights. This will keep the rodents from taking up a resident at your house.

Five Tips to Identify a Rat Infestation

Sprinkle Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil

This oil not only scares away the mice but also leaves your house smelling fresh. It’s good to dilute peppermint oil with other carrier oil, especially if you have pets because for some dogs and cats it can cause respiratory issues.

Set Out Some Antifreeze


Antifreeze has the key to keeping those rodents and critters from coming back. Antifreeze comes with a sweet taste that mice get attracted to but once it is inside rats’ system, it poisons and kills them.  Make sure you employ this method to get rid of mice with a lot of caution. If you have pets, then it can be fatal to them.

Place a Brick in Front of Holes


If you think steel wool is not a good fit for certain holes in the house, then you can use bricks instead.  Like steel wool, rodents find it heavy to chewy through similarly sturdy material. Bricks also do a wonderful job of preventing rodents from getting in.

Best Way to Keep Rodents Away

Deter Them with Ammonia


The same cleaner that you use to clean the glasses can be used to deter the mice. Sprinkle a small amount of ammonia at the entry point to scare off the mice.

Use Natural Rodent Control Spray

Natural Rodent Spray

Currently, natural rodent sprays are prevailing in the market as they are organic and have effective ways to curb the infestation with zero side effects. If you are not a fan of chemical-loaded pesticides, then this is your thing.

Use Hard-Sided Glass Containers to Store Food

Store Food

Mice get inside houses looking for food and shelter. So you can say rats are where the food is.  If you are concerned about an infestation, then take care of food packaging. Take containers that rats find difficult to access.  Buy more glass containers to stuff in the food because they offer the best way to keep rodents out of the kitchen.

Caulk All Small Holes

Small Holes

The best way to restrict entry through holes is to caulk those places. Use silicone caulk to seal all entry points. After the sealing process, learn different maintenance tips to keep rodents from coming back.

Use Mothballs


Strongly-scented moths can scare away the mice in a matter of time. Set the mothballs rolling in your drawer or any suspected entry point.

Clean All the Hiding Places


Find out all the spots where mice could hide by sprucing up your garden and landscaping. Avoid planting hedges right against your home as it may give a good hiding place for mice. Such hiding places not only conceal these pests but also allow them to multiply.

Place Screen Vents in the Chimney

Screen Vents in the Chimney

Chimneys give the mice an easy way into your house. The best way to avoid this is by using chimney screens.

Install Gutter Guards

Gutter Guards

Gutters are easy systems that give easy access to mice.  Installing gutter guards can keep the mice out of gutters and reduce the amount of cleaning required when the leaves fall out.

How to Keep Rodents Out of the Garden

Take the Help of Spicy Sauce

Spicy Sauce

Sauce does a top-notch job of deterring mice with its strong scent. If you are skeptical about mice crawling around dishes, then place spicy sauce near them.

Fix Gaps in the Foundation

Fix Gaps

Foundation not only firmly holds your house but keeps mice out too. Mice are smart enough to sneak through foundations, so make sure you fill them in on time.

Set Out Fabric Softener Sheet

Fabric Softener Sheet

A nicely scented fabric is what keeps the rodents away. That’s why dryer sheets are considered effective mouse deterrents. They frighten the pests and leave your room smelling fresh.

Keep Your Garage Food-Free

Pesto Rat Repellent Granules

Don’t treat your garage like a pantry. Many rodents make a garage as their buffet and that leads to a full-blown mouse and rodent infestation. Therefore restrict food only to kitchens.

Best Rat Repellent for Your Home

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