Is There A Tick Spray For Cats Too?

Is There A Tick Spray For Cats Too?

Cats are the softest pets that you would love to cuddle and pamper all day long. Right from Tabby cats to Siamese and Persian, the pet lovers have their favorite cat breeds adopted. Well, any kind of cat has to have the same grooming and care given. You need to provide extra care for cats with long fur. Many of us stay in the illusion that cats have fleas that suck thor blood and find it hard to believe that they can have a tick infestation. Well, yes! Cats do have ticks biting them, but they do not stick to their skin because of the soft and slippery fur. Read about the kind of ticks and their diseases that cats can come in contact with, and get to know about the right tick spray for cats.

Cat Ticks Do Exist!

Cat Ticks

We find many fleas on cats that are no fewer bloodsuckers, but it is hard to find ticks on them. As a pet parent, you need to know that unlike fleas, ticks do not stay on the fur of cats for a long time. Cat ticks are different from dog ticks. These ticks vary from the size of a small dot to the size of an apple’s tiny seed. They come in golden brown color and are arachnids. These ticks are like bed bugs and only happen to stay on the cat to suck the blood. After their meal, they vanish into their hideouts. The cat ticks could cling on humans too. With every bite, they spread bacteria and germs and become a cause of diseases. It is also hard to find the ticks, and it is harder to save your cats from them without a non-chemical tick spray

Top Five Reasons to Stay Away from Ticks

Ticks Can Harm Cats and Humans Too

Cat ticks and fleas are harmful to cats and cat parents too. There are many epidemic diseases like Tularemia, STARI, Lyme disease, Heartland virus, and Babesiosis recorded because of cat and dog ticks, and most of them spread to humans too. These tick-borne diseases affect humans and are harmful to little children who have cats as pets at home. Apart from the germs and pathogens that they spread, the cat ticks can bite and make your skin itchy. Besides this, it is not pleasant to notice a cat tick clinging to you and sucking your blood. 

Tick Spray For Cats:

Tick Spray For Cats

You will find a lot of tick and flea spray in the market, but you need to choose the right spray. Cats are delicate and cannot handle strong chemicals. It is always advisable to select an all-natural cat tick spray for your furry friend. The natural and non-toxic tick spray for cats has rosemary oil, cedarwood oil, lemongrass oil, and other essential oils that do not cause irritation in cats but instantly remove ticks fleas. These oils are safe for children and humans too. The FDA usually approves the tick and flea spray for cats with these ingredients. 

Right Cat Grooming Tips For You

The Right Way to Use a Cat Tick Spray:

Right Way to Use a Cat Tick Spray

Use the all-natural cat tick spray each time you bathe and groom your cat. After you give your cat a good bath, brush and dry its fur thoroughly, and spray the non-toxic cat tick spray all over the cat’s skin. Do not miss the paws and the ear and neck region of the cats. You can generally notice the cat ticks in the underarm kin of cats because this region is soft, warm, and moist - making it ideal for the ticks to clink on and suck the blood. 

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Other Simple Tips to Prevent Cat Ticks on Cats:
  1. Clean the cat bed and the places at home where cats stay the most with disinfectants. The fleas and cat ticks do not remain on the cat for a long time because of their soft skin. The next place where you can find them is every favorite spot of your cat. Keep this place clean always. 
  2. Vacuum clean your carpets and furniture. The cat ticks are often found on carpets as it is easy for them to cling on, and you may not notice it too. 
  3. Groom your cat every single day. Grooming the cat with the right brush keeps its skin clean from skin diseases and ticks. Always monitor your cat’s skin surface because ticks love to feed on the infectious region of their skin. 
  4. Do not ignore the fleas too. These nasty little jumpers are as dangerous as the cat ticks, and you will find them more on cats. Use an excellent non-toxic natural tick and flea spray for cats to keep them clean. 
  5. Have a tick and flea check now and then. 

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