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Natural Pest Control Hacks To Keep Lizards Out Of Home

Do your little ones scream aloud in the middle of the night, and you rush to them to only find a lizard clinging on the wall? Well, lizards are murky creatures that none of us are fond of. There are very few poisonous lizards, and all of them are found in the forests. But what makes you and your children scared of lizards? While there are a handful of lizard lovers across the world, you would not be one among them because they are slimy and scary. Slimy because they look like jellies with their internal organs being seen through their skin. Scary because lizards nibble down their tail as part of the defense, and their tail still moves for some time after being detached from their bodies. 


These weird reptiles can sneak into your home anyway and can scare you enough. They can also nibble on your fruits in the kitchen and grains in the store. Besides all of this, having them around is always a creepy feeling. Chemical pest repellents work well on lizards, but it would leave you affected with the chemical ingredients. The best way to keep lizards away is to try some natural pest repellent hacks. Are you not aware of any? Well, here are the easiest and the most effective ones for youtube to keep lizards out of your home!

Natural Pest Repellent Hacks to Keep Lizards Away:

Coffee Beans Work

 Coffee beans

This trick works well if you are a coffee lover and prepare filtered coffee at home. The coffee grounds that you dispose of the filter can be rolled into small balls and be placed in the lizard infested areas. Lizards hate the smell of coffee and stay away from your space very easily. You can also mix instant coffee with little water and spray this mixture in the lizard infested places and window sills. This is the easiest pest control method for lizards.

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Peacock Feathers Scare Them

Peacock feathers

It is a traditional belief and practice by tribal people and their descendants to place peacock feathers at their homes to keep lizards away. This is not a myth. Peacocks are omnivorous and feed on lizards. The lizards at your home may not know this peacock fact, but will definitely leave the place where you place the peacock feather. They move away, thinking that another animal has entered the home, and it could be dangerous. This natural pest repellent trick works well in many cases, and you can feel good when you have peacock feathers around you. 

Eggshells Shoo Them


The eggshells work just like the peacock feathers. When you break open the eggs to make a good omelet, do not discard their shells. Place the eggshells that are broken in the lizard infested areas. The lizards will leave the place because of the egg smell. Ensure you do not leave the eggshells in your cabinets for a long time and discard them when they lose their odor. Eggshells without their odor do not affect the lizards at your home and are merely calcium structures. 

Right Way To Use A Home Pest Repellent Spray

Cinnamon Water Spray Can Repel


Cinnamons have a lot of benefits to the human body and are used in cooking because of their aromatic fragrance. You may like the scent of cinnamon, but the lizards in your home cannot stand it. Take good quality cinnamon sticks that have a strong aroma and finely grind them using your mixer. Add water to the mixture and give it a good blend. For better results, chop an onion and blend it with this mixture too. Fill the liquid in a spray bottle and spray it all around in your house where lizards rule. They leave your place immediately. Avoid this natural pest control spray if you are allergic to the fragrance of cinnamons.

Get a Natural Lizard Spray


Are you equipped with a lot of work and have no time to try all of the above pest repellent oils? You can choose a natural pest control spray that has the fragrance and composition of lavender oil, cinnamon oil, peppermint oil, spearmint oil, and other essential aromatic oils. Like other pests, the lizards cannot tolerate this smell, and they leave your home along with all the other pests that you see around. The natural home pest control spray that leaves behind no stains can be the right choice that you can make because you will have to spray it on the curtains, walls, and other places at your home that are prone to stains. 

Keeping lizards away from your home is simple and easy with these hacks. You can try these hacks or get home a best natural pest control spray to keep lizards and all the other pests outside naturally. 

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