Natural Rodents Repellants Over Killer Sprays

Natural Rodents Repellants Over Killer Sprays - The Humane Choice For A Safer Home

On January 3rd, 2017, a CNN report read, “4 children die when pesticide, water mix creates a toxic gas.”

Apparently, after someone sprayed water on a previously applied pesticide in Amarillo, Texas, it led to a toxic reaction that resulted in phosphine gas production. This caused the death of four children and the hospitalization of five other people.

If you are not careful about your choices about pesticides and rodenticides, the next news report is based on your house.

Still, wondering why you need to switch to safer alternatives like natural pest and rodent repellents? Read On:

Effective & Safe Vs. Toxic & Fatal

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Nature-based rodent repellents have ingredients with the intention of repelling the rodents. With the intended purpose of the products being to drive away the rodents from the application area, the products are relatively mild in nature but still effective. This makes it safe for domestic use, even for families with children and pets.

You can also try traditional and natural rodent control methods. To know more about it, Click on the Link to know about Natural Mouse Repellents That Work to Get Rid of Mice: 3 Surprising Nature-Based Hacks That Keeps Rodents Away

On the other hand, chemical sprays and synthetic rodenticides intend to control the infestation by killing the rodents. Hence, they choose extremely reactive, toxic, and harmful ingredients for human health, making it unsuitable for domestic scenarios. Moreover, for families with kids and pets, the use of such products is hazardous as accidental consumption can lead to fatal accidents and even deaths.

Repellent vs. Inhumane Death

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The ratio of the ingredients in nature-based outdoor rodent repellent tips makes the product safe for domestic use. Moreover, they are designed to drive away from the rodents and pests from your home. This takes away the problems of cleaning up dead bodies of the rodents and other hazards.

Prevention is better than cure. Likewise, it is easier to prevent a rodent infestation than controlling it. 

On the other hand, chemical rodent sprays are incredibly reactive. They intend to affect the health of the rodents and eventually kill them by slowly poisoning them. It is hazardous as now you have to look for the dead bodies of rodents in your house fast. Otherwise, they would start leaving toxic fumes or organic waste on the site. This method is extremely inhumane.

Easy to Use Vs. Toxic Waste & By-Products

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Natural rodent repellents are easy to use. As they pose no harm to a domestic scene, they are designed to be easy to use with features like instant drying formula, eco-friendly biodegradable products, and many more. It is not that difficult to find Natural Mouse Repellents That Work in the market.

Chemical sprays, on the other hand, are toxic. They let out poisonous fumes, which affects human health. If they turn out to be effective, the after-effects of their use, too, happens to be unsafe as you have to deal with dead rodents and dead organic matter.

Needless to say, these are reasons valid enough for people to choose natural rodent repellents over toxic rodent killer sprays and poison, which in the end turn out to be counterproductive as they harm human health while trying to deal with rodents.

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