Pesticide Killing Families

Pesticide Killing Families - YOU might be NEXT

Reality can be harsh, but it is what it is. Lately, reports of death due to pesticide-related causes have been flooding the newspapers. On reviewing reports and publications from 2006 to 2018, including the ones by the World Health Organization, it was found that there have been 740,000 cases of unintentional poisoning and 385 million worldwide.

This has finally got the authority' and the farmers' attention, making them 'consider' nature-based pest control options. With hundreds of children dying every day and people falling sick along with them, farmers were forced to look for alternatives in nature. 

Let us give ourselves a reality check and take a close look at some of those shocking news of mishaps from around the world caused due to use of chemical Rodent Control Pesticides or rodenticides:

Close Call

Pest controller

"Pest controller indicted for leaving rodent poison in kindergarten yard."

On February 17th, 2021, a dangerous accident was narrowly averted at a kindergarten in central Israel as two toddlers had a close encounter with rodent poison. As the pest controller company gave its workers rat poison (a Rodent Control Pesticide) in baby formula boxes, which they carried to a kindergarten for treatment, two toddlers managed to open the 'baby formula container' and contact the rodent poison.

Thankfully, a kindergarten teacher managed to interfere in time and took them for a medical check before anything serious happened.

Source: The Times Of Israel

Pesticide Poisoning

Pesticide Poisoning

At West Hartford, Connecticut, while working at King Philip School, a teacher named Joan Dillon. According to reports, a commercial pest control applicator had applied to Dursban for cockroach infestation control. They claim that the Pest Control Chemicals and Insecticides had been applied on various school areas, and it had been done on a regular basis. Thus, inhalation of the said chemical and exposure to it has led to Joan falling extremely ill and experiencing dermatitis along with pesticide poisoning.

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Pesticide Denying School Life & Education


A student of Danielson, Connecticut, had to be placed under Section 504 Plan and had to be provided with the option of staying at home as he fell ill due to the chemicals used in the pest control sprays and pesticides in his high school football field and surrounding grounds. Due to prolonged exposure, he fell ill and could not attend school for over eight weeks. Because of a complaint filed by the student's family Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the school district promised that they would use alternatives to toxic Pest Control Chemicals and Insecticides.

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Delayed Reaction


On 2017 January 3rd, 2017, a CNN report read, “4 children die when pesticide, water mix creates a toxic gas.”

Apparently, after someone sprayed water on a previously applied pesticide in Amarillo, Texas, it led to a toxic reaction that resulted in phosphine gas production. This caused the death of four children and the hospitalization of five other people.

Source: CNN

The news reports and the data collected clearly show the world is in urgent need of a smart strategic step away from the dependence on chemical pesticides, thus making nature-based pest control methods or Do It Yourself Home Pest Control Methods, our best hope. As of now, the world needs regulatory restrictions and an increase in awareness along with proper promotion about the benefits of using natural pesticides.

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