Right Cat Grooming Tips For You

Right Cat Grooming Tips For You

Having a pooch at home is having a baby for a lifetime. Cats and kittens are cute furballs and most of the homes in the US are having a cat as their family member. Having cats at home comes with huge responsibilities. Right from keeping a track of their diet to their grooming and cuddling, you really need to be a cat person for this. One day of ignorance in the cat grooming routine will roughen and knot the cat fur. Well, grooming does not end with only brushing the cat hair. There is more to it. Here is a proper guide to cat grooming that you need to know if you have a pooch at home.

Bathing A Cat

Bathing a Cat

Many of us are advised to stop bathing a cat and are asked to give them a wet wipe bath. Well, just like humans and other animals, cats need a bath too. Without a cat bath, the cat fur becomes greasy, dirty, and there would definitely be a fungal growth which is not a healthy sign at all. The best way to give your pooch a bath is to use a small-size bathtub. You can place a rubber mat on the floor of the bathtub so that your cat does not skid. You can fill water and use a good shampoo for the cat. Since cats have very soft and delicate skin, you can use your hands and not a scrubber to scrub and clean them. Concentrate more on the cat feet so that all the litter and ticks clinging on to it get washed away. Drying your cat is easy. Wipe away excess water using a soft towel and dry your cat up using a hairdryer. 

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Clipping Cat’s Nails

Clipping cat’s nails

Just as how the nails of humans soften after a warm or a hot shower, the cat nails get soft too. Clipping cat claws could be risky too. You would either get a scratch or would cut the skin behind the nails of the cat. If you have a cat that is very troublesome and does not agree for a good nail cut session, you can take someone’s help to hold it and then cut its nails. When you are clipping the cat’s claws, make sure you do not trim it like how you do it for yourself. A little clipping on the sharp end of the nail is enough. You can use your nail filer to file and blunt the sharp nails of your pooch. Make sure you clean the paws and the nails of the cat as there may be a deposition of the eggs of ticks and fleas there.  

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Brushing Cat Fur

Brushing Cat Fur

The cat fur is one of the softest and coziest hair you can ever find. No matter how soft and silky it is, if you do not brush the cat hair, there are chances of a lot of hair falling around and the cat fur getting curled and knotted. A lot of dandruff accumulation along with sebum secretion happens and makes the fur weak. When the skin is not good, the ticks and fleas see your cat as a feast. All of this makes way for your cat to grow weak. You need to use a thin bristle comb to groom your cat fur. You need to first comb in the direction opposite to the hair growth, and next to the direction in the hair growth. This must be done every single day, no matter how exhausted and tired you are. 

Flea and Tick Control 

Flea and Tick Control

The most important part of cat grooming is to control the ticks and fleas. Most of you easily find fleas on your pooches and hardly find ticks on them. However, the tick bites are nothing new to your cats. You do not find them on your cat because your cat’s skin is too soft for them to cling on for more time. They only stay on your cat until they bite and suck the blood and then get away into their hideout. The major worry about using tick and flea repellents is that the chemicals in it may make your children and you have side effects when you pet your pooch.

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The best way to keep your children and your cats safe is to use a natural flea and tick repellent. They are completely safe because of their natural composition. After you have finished grooming your cat, you can spray this flea repellent spray on the cat fur and keep them looking fluffy, healthy, and soft to cuddle. 

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