Steps to Rodent Proof Your Garden

Rodent Control for Your Lawn Garden or Yard

One of the biggest problems we garden lovers face is rodents. This article will help you with Rodent Control. It will give you a few tips on how you can prevent rodent infestation or combat rodent infestation. 

1. Preventive Measures

Declutter your Garden


The first step before you can move on with any treatment for rodent control to start tidying up your garden. Rodents like cluttered areas and they will use these spaces to hide and evade us. Since rodents like open spaces, the easiest way to minimize rat movement is by trimming your shrubs regularly and removing excess weeds that grow in your garden. This will prevent the rodents active and at the same time make your garden look cleaner.

Clean Pet food Or Wastes

Pet Food

We often take our pets to the lawn, garden, or yard to feed them and let them get rid of their bodily wastes. We also forget to clean their food far too often and this attracts many rodents to your yard. A simple way to avoid this is by cleaning their bowls once they’ve eaten.

Cleaning Fallen Fruits Regularly

Fallen Fruits

Most of the plants and trees that grow in our garden yield. We take care of these fruits and flowers from being eaten by rodents with the help of different forms of rodent control but what we often forget to tend to are the fruits that have fallen from the tree. These fruits attract rodents to your yard. Be sure to clean up fallen fruits regularly.

Application of Fertilizer


Another key reason rodents visit your yard is due to the poor application of organic fertilizer. Most of us place our organic fertilizers around our plants but that is not the way to apply organic fertilizer which contains rotting fruits and vegetables which attract rodents. The way to apply this is by burying the fertilizer at the base of stem or bark so that the rodents are unable to access it easily. This will ensure that rodents are kept away from your garden and that your plants get their nutrients. 

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2. Getting Rid of an Existing Infestation

Use Dry Ice

Dry Ice

Chicago, the rat capital of our great nation has been experimenting with many different ways to get rid of their rodents. The solution that they have seen to give the best results is dry ice. The way to use dry ice as a treatment in your yard is by first locating all the places where rodents have formed their nests. This could be borrowed in the ground, holes in the trees, and even thick bushes in your yard. Once you have spotted their nesting sites, get some dry ice, and drop it into their lair. The carbon dioxide produced by the dry ice will anesthetize the rat and kill it. This procedure could be on the more expensive side but it will yield results. 

Apply Naturally-Derived Rodent Sprays

rodent sprays

The Mica Rodent Spray by MDX Concepts is a Non-toxic rodent spray, this solution is available to all and it is a beginner-friendly solution to keeping rodents away your yard. The magical thing about this rodenticide is that it is 100% natural therefore you can directly spray the stems and leaves of your plants and the barks and branches of your trees and they will not have any negative side effects.

The solution in the spray contains essential oils from plants that have shown the strongest rodent-repelling properties. This solution, when sprayed around your yard, will succeed in repelling and killing existing rodents. 

Due to it being a Natural Rodent Repellent you can use this spray indoors as well. This indoor/outdoor rodent repeller does not harm your pets or kids as it does not contain any toxic pesticides.

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The best cure for any problem is prevention. If you could prevent it from happening you would not need to look for a cure. Maintain your yard using non-toxic rodent sprays such as the mica and keeping it tidy year-round will definitely help you keep the rodents away from your home. If you ever feel like you are unable to handle the problem as it is common for individuals to feel overwhelmed during rodent control treatments, is to call your local pest control. They are professionals in this field and they will help you get rid of your rodent problems.

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