Seven Things House Flies Do that Make Them Weird

Seven Things House Flies Do that Make Them Weird

A housefly (musca domestica) can be a nuisance to say the least, and can buzz in out of nowhere when you are enjoying your meal at home. But apart from being a nuisance, they can also spread several diseases to you and are capable of carrying at least a hundred pathogens, because of which it is crucial not to let them sit anywhere near or on your food. A house fly does odd things that make it unusual compared to other household pests; there are seven things that they do which make them seem extremely weird to human beings: 

A Housefly Is Capable of Tasting Using Its Feet


As strange as it sounds, a house fly has taste receptors under its lower legs and feet that let it walk all over its food while tasting it. So the next time a fly lands on your food, remember that it might be standing there enjoying a share of your meal. 

A Housefly Has Eyes That Can Detect Even the Slightest Movement Around It

housefly eyes

At times when you try to swat the irritating insects, it seems like house flies have amazing eyesight that lets them avoid your hand before it can get anywhere near it. However, the eyesight that a house fly has and the way it sees the world is entirely different from that of a human being. There are around twenty eight thousand light sensitive structures inside a house fly’s compound eyes. They can thus see at a wider range, and detect light and colour variations instantly.They can detect your incoming swat but they can’t see images clearly like a human being can or even move their eyes. 

Time Passes Much Slower for a House Fly Than It Does for Us

Time passes

You must have wondered at times about how difficult it is to swat a fly, since they seem to know when you are going to make your move even before you do. Research shows that a house fly can see time pass by much slower and thus, take the necessary actions to save itself from the threat of your hand moving at it. They also have quick reflexes, apart from their all-seeing eyes, that help them move, in what seems to humans, at the speed of light. 

It Is Easily Possible for a Housefly to Walk Upside Down


With its capability to watch time in slow motion and its ability to fly and walk upside down, a housefly seems good enough to be a superhero character we all wish we were. A house fly’s body has a unique anatomical structure that lets in stick itself onto any surface it wants, even if it is sideways or upside down. The reason for this superpower is the glue like substance, as well as the tiny hairs that a house fly has beneath its feet which gives it proper grip to stand pretty much wherever it wants to. 

A Housefly Can Multiply Itself at Alarming Rates and in a Short Amount of Time


You must have heard of the term ‘breed like flies’, which shows that the way flies reproduce is much different from other creatures. It is possible for a female housefly to produce around nine hundred eggs in a lifetime. The interesting thing to note is that the average life cycle of a fly is twenty one days, and that the maximum time it can live is upto three months. A housefly can produce that many eggs within such a short amount of time. Therefore it is scary how a couple of flies can cause havoc in your home if left ignored. 

A Housefly Can Ingest Food Only in Liquid Form

ingest food

While a housefly can land on pretty much anything in its hunt for food, including fecal matter, garbage, your plate of fish and chips and so on, it is not capable of eating solid food. The disgusting part about the house fly’s eating habits is that in order to consume solid food, it spits or vomits on it to turn it into liquid form. This is one of the reasons why you should not eat food around which flies have been hovering, to prevent gross house fly vomit from getting into your body. 

A Male Housefly Is Constantly on the Lookout for a Female Partner

male housefly

A unique feature that a male housefly’s eyes have is a love spot that lets it detect the presence of female house flies around it.  The capability of a male housefly to spot potential partners is exceptionally good. Female house flies generally tend to be more focused on other matters such as saving up energy to lay eggs, unlike their male counterparts who are constantly in search of partners throughout their short lifetime.

As interesting house flies can be, they have to be avoided owing to the number of diseases that they can spread directly and indirectly to human beings and animals.

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