Six Reasons Why Mosquitoes Find You Irresistible

It usually doesn’t seem that bad when you are particularly attractive than others. But when specific attraction is expressed by a mosquito to you more than anybody else, it is certainly a valid reason to be worried. This is because being considered by many as the most dangerous insect in the world, the mosquito is responsible for 2-3 million deaths each year, and since forty percent of the world’s population is at risk of being affected by malaria. 


Has there ever been a day when you were camping with your friends, and naturally a swarm of mosquitoes appeared as though from nowhere? The strange part was that you were the one who suffered from the brunt of the bites, while the rest of your group remained largely unaffected. If a scenario like this seems strangely familiar to you, then there are six reasons why mosquitoes find you irresistible in particular:

If You Are Drinking Alcohol, a Mosquito Could Be More Prone to Bite You


While the question of whether mosquitoes are more attracted to people drinking alcohol is still under debate, it is a fact that they are attracted to bodies with warm temperatures. Since ingesting alcohol can make your body temperature rise up, it makes it likely that mosquitoes will be tempted to bite you when more than they were when you were sober. Beer has also shown to be the drink that can draw mosquitoes to you than others. It is also said that while drinking alcohol, your body produces a kind of chemical reaction that attracts mosquitoes. 

If You Have O Type Blood, That Is What a Mosquito Loves to Drink

Blood cells

As you pat yourself on the back for being a universal blood donor, it is time to come to terms with the fact that your O type blood is not only useful for saving the lives of people of other blood types, but is also a mosquito’s favourite snack as well. O type blood is also the most common blood type in the world, which means that a vast majority of the human population are ideal feed bags for mosquitoes. As per a study, people with O type blood are eighty three percent more likely to get bitten by mosquitoes than people with other blood types. 

Six Home Remedies for Mosquito Bites That Actually Work

If You Are Pregnant, a Mosquito Is Likely to Target You

Pregnant women

As though carrying a baby inside you wasn’t stressful enough, you have to be twice more alert than you were before your pregnancy to make sure a mosquito isn’t chomping on you. There are several theories as to why this happens, the most popular one being that pregnant women exhale more than other people. The carbon dioxide exhaled by you draws mosquitoes to you more than everyone else who exhales less frequently. Another factor is that while pregnant, you are likely to swell up, leaving more room and warmer body temperatures for mosquitoes to get attracted to. Contracting malaria during pregnancy is a major health risk and can cause harm to you and your foetus. Therefore, it is a good idea to prevent mosquitoes from your buzzing into your home rather than treat the bites later, even if you are not pregnant. 

DIY Ways to Repel Mosquitoes at Home

If You Sweat More Than Others, You Are Attractive to a Mosquito


Human sweat contains lactic acid which attracts bugs in general and mosquitoes are no exception. A mosquito uses the receptors in its antennae to identify the smell of sweat and then to figure out if a bite able human being is nearby. It is also said that since mosquitoes thrive in areas with moisture, mostly since it is ideal for breeding, they are attracted to your sweat and humidity. 

If You Don’t Believe in Washing Yourself Regularly, a Mosquito Can Hunt You Down Easily


The bacterial colonies in your skin when mixed with your sweat, though it might sound repulsive to you is actually a wonderful fragrance to mosquitoes who use it to identify their prey. Fresh sweat, without being combined by bacteria, is not particularly a delicious smell for mosquitoes though. It is only the mixture produced from both the bacteria and the sweat that makes your body smell good, for mosquitoes at least. So it won’t hurt to wash yourself regularly so as to prevent your sweat from smelling wonderful to the pesky mosquitoes. 

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If You Like to Eat Bananas and Salty Foods, Mosquitoes Will Try to Eat You Too


As strange as it sounds, eating more bananas will put you at a higher risk of getting bitten. However, it is more about the high levels of potassium that the banana fruit contains, more so than the actual fruit itself. Oddly enough, mosquitoes are more attracted to you when you have just eaten food high in potassium as well as salt. So in case you are going for a nice picnic and have packed bananas or particularly salty snacks, it would be a good idea to leave them at home and enjoy your day out without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. 

Don’t worry too much about this though. There are several DIY techniques you can try out to keep mosquitoes away from you that doesn’t involve running and clapping around your room.


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