Summer Pests You Need To Stay Alert On

Summer Pests You Need To Stay Alert On

We’re almost ending summer in the US now, and there is no doubt that many of us have a house full of pests. The cold season is a relief to all of us from pests, but as summer starts, there is a quick multiplication of these annoying creatures. It would be right to say that your house would eventually look like more of their dwelling place and less of your home. You may think that your only savior could be a pest repellent service. Think before you spend a hefty amount on such services. There are easier ways that you could try to remove all kinds of pests from your home at once. Before we look into the types of pest repellent methods that we could try, let’s take a look at the kind of pests your home could be an infestation place to during summer. 

Pests That Could Invade Your Home During Summer:

1. Ants


Ants are the first thing you see inside your home during the summer season. A long line of ant march one by one in your kitchen and other spaces, but what do you do about it? Many of us ignore ants, but the red ants could give you painful bites. You need to be extra careful of ants if you have children and infants at your home. They could be troublesome pests.

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2. Grasshoppers


Grasshoppers are cute to look at, but these are incredibly horrific when you are having a field or a harvest in your terrace and balcony. They are known to destroy crops and produce. Some believe in the myth that they bring home good luck, but nothing can be as wrong as the crops that are ready for a harvest getting spoiled. A pest control is needed for these insects if you have fields. 

3. Flies


Houseflies and fruit flies are pests seen flying around you when you get home a watermelon and slice it to beat the heat. There would be an infestation of fruit flies in your kitchen and moist places. House flies, and fruit flies bring home a lot of germs that cause infectious diseases. Besides this, you would not want them to sith on filth and deposit a bit of it on the food you are consuming. 

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4. Mosquitoes

MosquitoesThey need not an introduction. Mosquitoes crave for your blood and fly around you during all seasons, but research has shown that they are more active during summer. Well, you would be surprised to know that your catnips cannot keep them away too. This brings the spike of dengue and malaria rates during the summer season. You need something productive to keep these bloodsuckers away. 

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5. Ticks

Only dog owners can relate to it. There is a common misconception that ticks and fleas are more evident during the cold weather than in summers. The fact is the other way around. The tick and flea infestation is high in summer, but these pests appear less on your dogs and cats and more in your house’s hideout places. It is just that they do not stick on for long on your dog’s fur. Nevertheless, they bite and suck your pets’ blood and sometimes the humans in your house too. 

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The Ultimate Solution to Your Pest Problems!

The pests mentioned above are the most common pests that could invade your home, but the list does not stop here. You could also face trouble from bugs, roaches, beetles, lizards, and rodents. It is practically impossible to try a different pest control method to eradicate each type of pests from your house. Calling a pest control service could pinch your pocket, and here is what you would need. 

The non-toxic pest control method that would repel all the pests from your home is the Magma Home Pest Spray from MDX Concepts. This home pest spray is the natural pest repellent that can easily repel all types of pests. The spray is stainless and is composed of essential oils and inert elements. It is child-friendly and pet-friendly too. 

You can use the home pest spray in your garden during summer, and it can keep your garden free from locusts, rodents, and other insects. In short, this natural pest spray is all that you will need during summer. 

Get the home pest spray from MDX Concepts for a pest-free home!

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