Ten Spider Facts That Can Trigger Your Arachnophobia

Ten Spider Facts That Can Trigger Your Arachnophobia

It is a natural human instinct to be either afraid or disgusted at the sight of spiders. You  might find these eight-legged creatures watching you from your bedroom ceiling or lounging near your bathtub. While seen as scary but relatively harmless by many, the fact is that there are around forty thousand species of spiders around the world, and that several of them are poisonous. Statistics show that around six to seven people die from spider bites each year in the United States. In case you are arachnophobic, you would not like to read these ten creepy spider facts:

Male Spiders Give Gifts Made Out of Dead Insects to Female Spiders

Male spiders

Spiders are much more prone to get into toxic relationships than human beings, and the way such relationships end is with the male spider getting either eaten or mercifully spared. As a peace offering, the male spider gifts the female spider a dead insect wrapped in web silk, which is also a request to mate. The quality of the gift can also determine the well being of their offspring. The bad news for the male spider is that if the gift is found unsatisfactory, the female spider will consume the male one soon after mating. In some cases, the female spider runs away with the gift before any mating or murder can happen. 

There Are Spiders That Live Completely Underwater


If you think that swimming around in a lake can make you safe from spiders, think again. There is a kind of spider called the diving bell spider that spends most of its time underwater and is commonly found in Asia and Europe. 

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Spiders Eat Their Own Webs Once They Are Done with Them

Spiders web

It is weird to think of eating your own home when you want to move out, but that’s exactly what spiders do. Once the webs are too dirty or unusable, spiders eat them and use the nutrients they gain from it to spin new webs. Say what you may, but spiders are better at recycling than the average human being. 

Spiders Can Lay Thousands of Eggs at a Time


It would be extremely scary if you woke up and found a thousand spiders crawling around your home one morning. A less scary version of this scenario can come true unfortunately, since spiders can produce around nine egg sacs each of which can contain around two hundred eggs

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There Are Spiders Around the World That Can Eat Bats and Fish

As small spiders can be compared to bats, and as unrelated they are to fish, they have been creepily known to successfully consume bats and fish. Spiders in every continent, except Antarctica, are known to enjoy a meal of
bat and fish occasionally. Size doesn’t really matter to such spiders that can consume creatures five times bigger than them. 

Spiders Are Getting Angrier Due to Climate Change

Climate change is not only causing havoc on us, but it is inciting
aggression in spiders in general. This is especially true in the case of spiders living in cyclone-prone areas, where tropical storms are bringing evolutionary changes in spiders and making them angrier than ever. When hungry or irritated, these spiders are more likely to end up fighting with each other than the earlier ones. 

Spiders Can Fly Down in Groups Like Rain

Spiders climate

A spider rain seems like the stuff of nightmares, but it has actually happened in several countries around the world. This phenomena happens when spiders climb up anywhere as high as possible and then use their webs to jump down in a twisted version of paragliding. 

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Spiders Are Capable of Surviving in Space

Spiders in Urban Spaces

It is apparently not enough to pack up and fly to space to escape from the spider in your room; they can also survive in space. The first spiders went off to space in the year 1973. Based on several experiments done by NASA, it was discovered that orb-weaving spiders can survive in space. 

Spiders in Urban Spaces Are Larger Than in Any Other Place


Studies have shown that apart from being larger in number, spiders in large cities are also bigger. It is the lack of vegetation, hard concrete surfaces that is leading to such a change in the size of spiders. 

Spiders Can Be Found Almost Everywhere Around the World


There is a saying that you can never really be more than a few yards away from a spider. This could be true because you can find spiders in every continent except Antarctica. This means that if you really want to live a spider free life, you will have to literally move to Antarctica. As established earlier, even flying off into space won’t work, and neither does swimming around underwater. 

It was found in a study in North Carolina that for every fifty rooms examined, only five turned out to be spider-free. Spiders are way too common everywhere for most of our liking, and the best you can do is to repel them from getting into your home.

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