Bed Bug Prevention Guide

The Bed Bug Prevention Guide

Bed bugs are more commonplace than one may think. 1 of 5 Americans have or know someone who has encountered bedbugs. That’s a grave statistic, and you could end up being one. There are many ways for Bed Bug Pest control, but the part that hits the hardest is inspecting and finding the culprits!

Well, once you find those bloodsuckers, here’s the perfect bed bug prevention Tips guide:

Inspect Furniture Before Buying

Inspect Furniture

Before you buy any furniture, especially from flea markets and yard sales, this one’s easy to ensure that you give it thorough treatment and vacuum well before bringing it indoors. If you have blood spots, reddish marks, or spot a live bug, do not buy that piece of furniture, no matter how tempting!

Don’t let these tiny monsters fool you! They’re tiny but also scary. Here’s the lowdown: 5 Hacks To Find A Bed Bug Infestation

Make Hiding Spots Redundant

Hiding Spots Redundant

Find out the spots where bed bugs love to hide, like your mattress, furniture, couches, and cover them up with a protective casing. Invest in an encasement that is strong and transparent, so it is easy to spot any bed bug signs if any. Make sure you keep cleaning your furniture and bed linen regularly. Precaution is the best prep step you can ever take for controlling and preventing bed bug infestation Treatment and reducing the spreading harmful diseases.

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuum Cleaning

This is a real commonplace tip, but it really helps to keep the bed bugs away! Keeping your home neat and tidy is an excellent way for pests to stay out! Not just bed bugs, but even rodents, mosquitoes, and even spiders & roaches. If you want to reduce the number of hiding places at the disposal of bed bugs, you will have to vacuum and clean regularly. 

If you do find bed bugs, instead of opting for chemical insecticides, use a natural bed bug spray that is safe for your kids, home, and even the pets!

Stay Safe and Alert on Your Travels


Chances are you may bring in bed bugs with you from your travels! If the hotel room you stayed in was laden with bed bugs and you didn’t even know it, then you could be in a big pickle! Make sure you inspect your hotel room and look for bed bug signs to ensure they don’t cling onto your luggage, footwear, or clothes and find their way into your home! Now that’s something you’d regret after a relaxing vacation! Step-by-step look through each nook and cranny if you think the room seems more suspicious than usual.

Natural Remedies

bed bug spray

Tons of natural home remedies help in preventing bed bug infestations and bed bug pest control! Natural methods work better and faster than chemical pesticides. The pests can develop immunity against these toxic chemicals and come back stronger and more powerful. 

Here are some of them:

  • Use a natural bed bug spray available in the market.
  • Make your spray with ten drops of any of the following essential oils: Tea tree oil, Lavender, Thyme, Lemongrass, or Peppermint. 
  • Planting peppermint in your backyard is one of the best tips to prevent and control bed bugs from the outdoors
  • Place used black walnut tea bags all over the house.
  • Apply petroleum jelly on the bed frame and legs to trap the bugs before they get to you
  • Sprinkle diatomaceous earth on your linen and furniture to dry up and kill bed bugs, if any.

Need to eradicate these bugs quickly? Here’s what you need: Learn How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs with These Steps

Bed bugs are a ubiquitous thing to be scared about! With our list of precautions, you may belong to a part of the population that may never encounter a bed bug! Stay safe, and don’t EVER let the bed bugs bite!


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