Things That Make A Mosquito Bite You

Things That Make A Mosquito Bite You

Have you experienced being in a room with your family and friends and have been the only one getting mosquito bites? Do the mosquitoes sing only in your ears while letting everyone sleep in peace at night? Have you ever thought of getting mosquito bites and your family members saying that you are hallucinating? Well, you are not hallucinating for sure. Just like how the bees and butterflies get attracted to the most bright flowers, the mosquitoes that sting you get attracted to you for certain particular reasons You will end up becoming a victim to deadly diseases such as dengue, malaria and other such communicable diseases that are spread by these creatures. Here is a blog that does not only let you know what attracts the mosquitoes to you but also tells you how you can get rid of them in the best natural ways possible.

Things That Attract a Mosquito Towards You:

1. Dark-coloured Clothes:

Dark-Colored Clothes

Unlike the bees and the butterflies, mosquitoes hate something bright and vibrant. You normally tend to wear dark-coloured clothes on a cold morning, but are you aware that the same dark-coloured clothes will make you look like a delicious snack to the mosquitoes? Yes, mosquitoes get attracted to dark colors like navy blue, black and purple, and when you are wearing the clothes of these shades, they tend to sting you more. The next time you are planning your wardrobe, be a little extra careful to save yourself from a mosquito bite or a disease caused by these little flyers.

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2. Alcohol Smell

Alcohol Smell

Men and women love the smell of alcohol these days. The mosquitoes that fly around you when you are raising a toast may love you too. After you consume alcohol, you tend to sweat out a little normally. The ethanol content in your sweat after your drink is what attracts the mosquitoes. Thus consuming alcohol can attract mosquitoes towards you just like magnets. This could probably be one reason for you to get most of the mosquito bites when you are at the bar.

3. Blood Types

Blood Types

Yes it is true! The mosquito bites that you get depends on the type of blood you are blessed with. A lot of studies have shown that people with O blood groups are likely to be bitten more by mosquitoes and people having an A or B blood group are likely to be bitten less. The people with O blood group secrete a certain kind of body odor that is well-recognized by the mosquitoes that come to feed on their blood. All of this is genetics and if you, unfortunately, are blessed with an O blood group, you need to be a little extra careful and take all measures to avoid mosquito bites.

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4. Sweat Smell

Sweat Smell

Mosquitoes relish on the smell of lactic acid and ammonia - both of which are given out when humans sweat. These are something that the little flyers get attracted to. Mosquitoes are attracted to the heat of the body too. If you are back home after a heavy gym session or a good session of swimming and cycling, the heat and sweat that your body gives out can fetch you some love bites from the mosquitoes too. Mosquitoes love the fragrance of uric acid too and this is again given out by your sweat and even urine. This is why you find most of the mosquitoes living in your toilet even if you make sure that there is no stagnant water over there.

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5. Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide

Have you ever wondered why mosquitoes mostly sing around your ears when you are sound asleep and ignore your whole body? Everything happens with a reason and so is this. Mosquitoes generously get attracted to carbon dioxide. They linger around the places where there is a production of carbon dioxide and your nose is an all-time producer of this gas. This makes the mosquitoes roam around your face region and give you bites on your forehead, cheeks, and nose. Do not curse your fan for not keeping away the mosquitoes next time. The CO2 that your nose produces are the most common attractors of these little pests.

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6. Obese People

Obese People

People dealing with obesity have low metabolism. They majorly are seen resting and do not produce enough body movements. When people do not move enough, mosquitoes find it very simple and easy to come ahead and rest on the body with less movement. They mostly drink blood until they are content and finally fly away with all the content. The same is the case of pregnant women and newborns. Newborn infants sleep most of the time and the pregnant women move less, especially during their third trimester. They are more likely to get bitten by mosquitoes.

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites: 

  1. Avoid wearing dark colors if the weather around you is too cold. Vibrant colors can be the best choice if you are heading to a place where there are a lot of mosquitoes. 
  2. Get home mosquito-repellent plants such as catnip. Basil works wonders in repelling mosquitoes too and keeps the air around you fresh and healthy. 
  3. Let the stagnant water bodies be removed. These could be the breeding place for mosquitoes and they can multiply very quickly into large numbers. 
  4. Take a bath and wash away all the heat and sweat and dirt after you are back from a workout. This makes the mosquitoes less attracted to you. 
  5. Lose some weight so that you can be quick enough to snap the mosquito that flies towards you. 
  6. Rub some coconut oil on your body. This works as a natural pest repellent
  7. Keep your surroundings clean. Places that are dirty are more welcoming to the pests. 
  8. Do not use chemical mosquito repellents. Choose natural mosquito repellents that are made up of natural ingredients like lavender, peppermint, and lemongrass. They keep you safe from toxic substances and mosquitoes too. 

Say no to mosquito bites. 

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