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Tips Gear Up For Summer And Get Your Walls Pest-Free

Summer is making its way much quickly this year and it’s time to hit the beaches. While you plan your day out or get busy making some summer treats at home, the pests that are waiting to collect food during summer may enter your home and build their empire. Most of them will be found moving across your walls or even residing there. Do you say it's common to have pests during summer? Well, it is possible to have a pest-free house too. This blog talks about the summer pests that live on your home walls and the best solutions to get rid of them. 

Pests On Walls And Ideas To Repel Them

1. Lizards

LizardsThe most common pests that are found on the walls of homes are lizards. Lizards are generally harmless unless you have a poisonous one at home. These stick on the wall and their slimy look may make you feel very much annoyed. 

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Repellent Ideas

  • Lizards hate lavender and you can use a repellent spray that has lavender oil.

  • Get rid of mosquitoes and other tiny bugs from your walls as they are the food for lizards.

  • Place freshly cracked egg shells in the corners. The lizards leave your home because of the smell of another animal.

2. Spiders


Spiders again are predators of tiny insects. A though they live in cracks and holes of the wall, you will be seeing them mostly on the roof and ceiling. They live on tiny insects and can make your walls look dirty and haunted with their cobwebs.

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Repellent Ideas

  • Spiders hate dark, so dim the light when you find them.
  • A peppermint home pest spray works on spiders.
  • Break their cobwebs immediately when you spot them.

Tips Gear Up For Summer And Get Your Walls Pest-Free

3. Moths


Butterflies are beautiful but moths? They are pretty too, except for the fact that you will find them, their eggs and even the pupa on your walls. In case the caterpillar lives inside your home, be sure to feel itchy and get spooked. 

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Repellent Ideas

  • Use a home pest spray that has peppermint, spearmint and even lavender. Moths hate the fragrance of this.
  • Keep the doors of your home closed in the dusk hour as dusk hour of the day is a moth hour.
  • Dust the walls of your home to get rid of the pupa and even eggs.

4. Rats


Rats living on walls? No, but they can dig your walls with their sharp teeth and live in the homes. Rats are very annoying and can even nibble your toes in the night when you are asleep. They can even spread infectious diseases other than just making a menace at home.

Repellent Ideas

  • Do the dishes before you sleep and make sure you do not leave the garbage and the bins open.
  • Rats hate peppermint and peppermint repellent spray can do the trick.
  • Seal the rat holes and the places of their entry. Remember that the rats are good swimmers and they can come from the drainage chambers too.

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These are the pests that are no less trouble makers that you can face this summer. Gear up with these simple pest control tips and keep the pests away. 

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