Save Your Home From A Rat-Attack

Tips To Save Your Home From A Rat-Attack

What can be more annoying and spooky than having a rat at your home? Did you know that rats come home in groups and when ignored multiply just like roaches? They are the mess makers and dirty your house with their droppings. Your clothes, shoes and even furniture could be nibbled by them. The rat traps might have failed and the glue baits would have gone to waste, but here are some amazing tips that will help you save your home from a rat attack and keep the rats away effectively. 

Begin with Closing All Points of Entry

Points of Rat Entry

The first thing that you need to do is to keenly observe where the rat comes from. It could be from outdoors or could also be from the hideouts inside your home or in the window. Rats are good swimmers and can enter your home by swimming through the drainage pipes. Make sure you seal all such openings and keep the windows and doors closed at night. 

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Keep an Eye on the Garbage Bins

Garbage Bins

Rats are known to be scavengers and these omnivores eat everything possible. You need to make sure that you have closed bins at home. Make sure you use a good rat repellent spray in the place where you have kept the garbage bin. This will keep your home extra safe from rats. 

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Use Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil

Rats hate the smell of peppermint. Do not use chemical rat control products. Instead, choose a natural and safe rat repellent spray that has the peppermint oil composition. Rats cannot stand this fragrance and leave immediately.  

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Potato Peel Helps

Potato Peel

Heard of dry potato powder? The powder made out of dry potato skin is a natural rat killer. When a rat eats it, its intestine swells up and the rat immediately dies. You can dry the peel of potatoes and place them in the rat infested area. This will kill all the rats and you will have a rat-free home.

Make a Cocoa-Pop Bait

Cocoa-Pop Bait

Mix equal qualities of cocoa powder and plaster of Paris together. Keep the bowl in the rat infested areas and the rats will die after it eats this up. This is the simplest bait that you can make at home. Avoid using the bait when you have a pet animal or kids at home. Consumption of this can be dangerous to your children and pet dogs or cats. 

Five Tips to Identify a Rat Infestation

These are the simplest hacks to get rid of rats this summer. Plan your way to have a house that has no mare rat attacks.

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