Natural Ways To Get Rid of Spiders

Tried And Tested Natural Ways To Get Rid of Spiders

The spiders and all of their cobwebs at your home give you a spooky Halloween feeling throughout the year. It gets really annoying if they happen to sit on your shoulder or are found in your wardrobes and closets. Although many of you think that spiders are the best pest repellents as they eat up all the other tiny flies and mosquitoes, keeping them away from your space keeps your home much cleaner. Here are some natural ways to prevent spiders from making your home their place. Learn these best tips and watch them all go away. 

Tips And Tricks To Get Rid of Spiders: 

1. The Cracks in Your Home Could Be Their Favorite Space  

Wall cracks

All the crevices and cracks in the walls and windows can be the home of not just spiders, but other insects too. If you do not wish to make your home inviting for pests, make sure you seal up these tiny holes. You could be using some good quality white cement to do this. 

2. Declutter Your Home to Have Their Hiding Spaces Gone

Office spaces

The clutter in your home could be all the old newspapers that you have piled up, too many unwanted toys or showpieces, dead plants in your garden, and more. All this clutter could be the hiding space for spiders and you will have no clue of their existence while they are raising up a huge family of spiders. Keeping your house clean and decluttering thee often is the best way to get rid of spiders and other insects.

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3. Keep Dusting to Remove All Cobwebs

Spider cobwebs

The spiders build their cobwebs quickly but get tired of rebuilding again and again when you keep destroying it. Make sure you dust your homes so that there will be no cobwebs and the spiders will leave your home to go in search of a safer place for them. 

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4. Clean Your Dishes and Kitchen

kitchen dishes

Spiders eating leftover food? Not really. Spiders have nothing to do with all the dirty dishes in the kitchen, but they come down to hunt the other tiny flies and insects who love to snack on the leftover food from the dishes. Prevent the entry of other such flies and the spiders will go out of your home to find food elsewhere. 

5. Take Help from Vinegar


The vinegar you add to prepare some great dishes can be the best spider repellent spay ingredient. Mix water and vinegar together in equal proportions and spray them in the spider-infested places. This natural home remedies and spiders spray helps you get rid of spiders and other ting bugs easily.

6. Treat Them with Walnuts and See Them Gone


The walnut shells contain chemicals that are toxic to spiders. If you want the spiders to be gone, either crush the shell of the walnut or grind it in the form of powder and place this in the pest-infested areas. With these, the spiders will go away easily.

7. Keep the Lights Low at Night

low lights

Some pests like rats and roaches love darkness and prefer to have their place of infestation where there is little light. Spiders on the other hand get attracted to light as they can easily catch their prey (flying insects and bugs) near the bright light. In case you have too many spiders at home, the best way to get rid of them is to keep the lights in the infestation space low.

8. Make a Peppermint and Eucalyptus Oil Spray

eucalyptus oil

The 100% natural essential oils like peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, and more can be the best spider repellents. You can make a natural DIY home spray with such oils. Mix a few drops of these essential oils with water and spray them in the spider-infested areas. If you cannot make this natural spider deterrent, get one natural spider repellent spray that has all of the essential oil composition in it. 

These are the simple tips and tricks that you can try to get rid of spiders. Try them at your home and stay safe. 

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