Guide To Groom Your Dog

Ultimate Guide To Groom Your Dog

Having a dog at home is like having a little toddler at home. They crave all your attention and time. They keep you happy and love you the most. Dogs are known to be pals for life and it is your duty to give such pals the best love and care. Good food and a lot of pampering are not enough to keep your dog happy. The health of your adopted family member can keep him happier too. The most essential part of pet care is grooming. Just like the pooches, the care for the coat of dogs must be taken good care too.

The breeds of dogs differ from one another and there is no hard and fast rule that the dogs with long fur coats need more attention. The short fur dogs need equal amounts of attention too. Since it is the pandemic season, you cannot take your dog to a good grooming center and get a makeover for him. This anyway will not stop you from taking care of his looks and health because here are some essential tips for grooming a dog at home. Read and follow them to keep your dog looking good, healthy, and happy.

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1. Brush Their Coat Every Day

Brushing Dog

There is a very common notion that you are relieved from the grooming routine of your dog if your dog has short fur. Well, this could be the exact opposite of what you have been thinking because the dog’s short fur, if not groomed and maintained, will stick on to your carpets and clothes too.  The dogs with long coats definitely need your time and patience to have a well-groomed look. Prefer using brushes and combs with thin bristles. This removes the dirt, dandruff, ticks, and fleas from the coat of your dog and keeps the fur looking clean and healthy too.

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2. The Dental Health of Your Dog Is Important

dental health of your dog

How often has your dog run to you with all the love and joy and you have resisted him because his mouth smells bad? Yes, dogs are carnivores and do eat meat. This brings in a lot of bad breath too. The best way to keep your dog’s oral health good is to brush its teeth after every single meal of his. If you do not have the time to do this, get your fur friend some dental treats so that their teeth get clean as they begin chewing it. This keeps his teeth and gums strong and healthy and also makes you give back a warm hug to him as he runs to you.

3. Pay Attention to Their Ears

Pay attention to their ears

Grooming certainly starts with the dog’s fur but does not end there. The ears of your dog need your utmost attention. There is a lot of accumulation of wax that also traps all the dirt in your dog’s ears. This becomes very inviting for ticks and fleas and they come and stick on to your dog’s ears - both outside and on the inside too. You must have observed your dog scratching its ears. This could be the major reason behind him scratching his ears and injuring them. You need to use a natural repellent for tick and flea to remove these pests from your dog’s ears and body too. Pet grooming tips also includes you to use cotton balls and forceps to clean the inner part of the ear and completely remove all the dirt and wax. 

4. Clip Their Nails Well

Clip their nails well

The nails of your cats can be clipped using your nail cutters but for your dogs, you will have to get a dog nail clipper mandatorily. Clipping them completely depends on how quickly the nails of your dog grows. Make sure you do not clip off their nails too much as this could hurt them as they walk. Just cut off the extra nails and shape them. Trim your dog to sit quietly as you cut his nails or he may end up giving you a bite. As you cut his nails, make sure you clean his paws too. There definitely will be ticks and fleas clinging on to the paws. This is one of the most essential dog grooming tips

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5. Keep Their Eyes Clean

Clean Eyes

Dogs have a lot of lacrimal secretion. If your dog spends most of the time out in the garden, he will be having a lot of goop in his eyes. It is highly important for you to keep his eyes clean. Ignoring the goop in the eyes could lead to severe eye infections that are caused by bacteria and viruses. If there is a lot of dust outside, make sure you keep your pal indoors to keep his eyes healthy. The dog grooming kit must also include disposable soft tissues that can be used to clean the goop from its eyes. Do not reuse any of the tissues and do not clean their eyes with something not so soft. 

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6. Do Not Wait to Bathe Your Dog for Too Long

Dog Bath

If you are having your dog inside your home, you can give your dog a bath for once in a month. It is, however, advisable to give it a good bath once a week. Do not use any soaps and shampoos that are not meant for dogs. The soaps and shampoos of dogs have ingredients that are suitable for dog’s fur and using the soaps of humans may dry their skin out and make room for a lot of itching. The best soap and shampoo you could choose is a tick repellent one that has a natural composition. 

7. Naturally, Repel Ticks and Fleas

ticks and fleas spray

The major reason behind dog grooming is to keep the fur of dogs free from ticks and fleas. Ticks and also the fleas reproduce in large numbers and bring a lot of itching and discomfort to your dog pal. They chomp on your pet’s skin and suck his nutritious blood. You need to be extra careful while choosing a tick and flea repellent as some of the repellents may cause harm to your dog. You can opt for something that has natural and is pet-friendly too. 

These are some of the professional dog grooming tips you could try out at home and keep your dog looking healthy and good.

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