Best Way to Keep Rodents Away

Ways To Keep Rodents Away From The Store

It takes immense effort to set up a grocery store. The investment you make and the time you spend is priceless. There are a lot of grocery stores in the United States that run very successfully. One problem amidst all the hard work and difficulties is the nuisance caused by rats. Rats could be your frequent visitors - clients who come down to your store every single day and encroach the best foodstuffs without paying a cent to you. Rats Repellent may also make your store their home and nibble down everything possible. All the effort that you have put in goes in vain when this happens. No one would buy groceries and vegetables that are half bitten by mice and rodents

Managing a store becomes extra tricky when you try using chemicals to rat-proof your store. There very odor of all the chemicals will make you lose your best costumes too. If all of these issues are your major concerns, here are some natural ways to keep rodents away from your store. Without showing any major sign to your customers. These tips will surely give you a sign of relief and make sure that controlling rodents does not need a pied piper from the town of Hamlin.

Pest Prevention Tips To Keep Rodents Away:

1. Rodent Traps Work for One or Two Mice 

Rodent traps

It is very much advisable for you to start controlling rodents when they are few in number. The first mouse out from your store will stop a hundred mice coming in. If you have one or two mice in your place, use a mousetrap or Mouse Repellent. There are many kinds of traps available. For huge rodents, you can use a snap trap. For little mice, a glue trap does well. You can use some tomatoes or cheese as a good bait and this works best. Place the trap in the places that the rats can reach easily and this helps you to catch them easily. 

2. Watch Out Where They Come from


This is very important. You can only start controlling rodents from sneaking into your place by finding where they come from. It could be the doors, windows, small creaks and creases, and also from the sanitary pipes in the washrooms. It is very important for you to close the entrances and keep a watch on the windows and doors when they are kept open. Do not let any shrubs grow close to your store and make sure you close all the rodent holes outside your store too. This gives you extra assurance that there are no rats loitering outside and inside your store. 

3. Keep a Check on Damp Spaces

Rodents Space

Rodents love places that are moist and damp. It could be moist soil outside your store or your pantry skin space, they would love to stay there and breed. It is very important for you to always keep a check on dark and damp places because you will never know when it could become a dwelling place for mice. Thy keeping our store and the places around your store as dry as possible and this will help you prevent rodent infestation. Controlling rodents can happen when you use some pest repellent sprays in such places beforehand. 

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4. Peppermint Oil Works

Peppermint Oil

Most of the air fresheners that you see have the goodness of peppermint oil in them, There are many peppermint fragrance lovers amongst us. However, the same peppermint fragrance can help in rodent control at your store. Rodents hate the fragrance of peppermint and this can act as a natural peppermint spray. Use a natural rodent repellent essential oils that has the goodness of peppermint oil all around and in your store. The fragrance attracts customers and gives them a pleasant feeling while repelling rats too. Oils line lemongrass, lavender and spearmint can work wonders in repelling all sorts of rodents and mice too. 

5. Use Rodent-Proof Storage Containers

Rodent-Proof Storage Containers

Rodents have sharp teeth and can nibble done most of the containers that you use to store grains and pulses at your store. Avoid plastic containers or get rodent-proof plastic containers that are airtight and are made up of thick and hard plastic that no rodent can bite through. If money is your concern, you can switch to metal containers that can close well. Where the mice get nothing to eat, they walk away from your store in search of another place to find food and a place to stay. Be a little careful with your packaged foodstuff and use a natural pest control spray in the places where you keep such food. 

6. Discard What Is Rotten

Rotten food

Rodents and mice love what is stale and rotten than what is fresh. These tiny creatures get attracted to the smell and odor of rotten foodstuff and come down to your store hunting for such food. If you are having fruits and vegetables at your store, be extra cautious about keeping them away from rodents and discarding away the stale and rotten stuff. Rotten beans, carrots, tomatoes are its favorite food and you need to keep such stale food away from your store. Do not use any chemical pest repellent trick near the fruit and vegetable areas as this could be dangerous to your customers. 

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7. Potatoes Can Kill Them


The potato powder made from dried potatoes works wonders in controlling rodents and killing them. Rodents love potatoes and chomp on the dry potato powder thinking it to be a snack for them. This dry powder enters its stomach and swells up its intestines. This causes them to die and never return again. A similar trap can be made with the help of cocoa powder mixed with the powder form of POP. This mixture attracts mice and rodents to it and dries off their intestines when they consume it. 

8. Use Natural Pest Prevention Spray

Rodent Repellent Spray

Since your store has groceries that many houses use, you need to look at the safety of the consumers while controlling rodents. opt for something pleasant and natural so that it is child-friendly and pet friendly too. When you go the natural way, you can easily keep rodents away and also make way for a store that runs successfully. 

These are some of the pest repellent tips that you need to try out. Implement these easy hacks and only have humans and not rodents visiting your store. 

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