What Should You Do When A Mouse Visits Your Home?

What Should You Do When A Mouse Visits Your Home?

Nothing can be as creepy as walking in the middle of the night for water and accidentally stomping on a furry moving creature. It can be worse if that animal bites your feet in defense. Yes, the creature here is a rat! Know all about the causes of rodent infestation and the rat and rodent control methods you can follow. 

What Causes Rodent Infestation?

Rodent Infestation

The basic needs that keep the rodent attracted to your house are food, water, and shelter. If all of these are provided to the rodents and mice by you, they would love to be a part of your home and own it as much as you do. Rats can enter your house through open doors and windows and also from the chambers. They are good swimmers, and the water in the chamber does not harm them at all. One rat can bring along its community, and you can have a family of rats coliving with you in no time. 

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The Rat Trouble:


What makes you worry about rats? Rats are very troublesome as they can damage the walls and furniture of your home. Your cabinets, sofa, wardrobes, and all expensive infrastructure can suffer severe damage when rats make way. Mice and rats can bite the food storage boxes and eat all the grains and foods. Besides this, studies have shown that the rats can sneak into your room and give you a bite too. In short, rats and mice are very troublesome and can rule your home before you get to know that there is a rodent infestation at home. 

What Should You Do When A Mouse Visits Your Home?

How To Identify Rodent Infestation?


There are four common ways to find out a rat infestation inside your home easily. Read down to know how you can identify a rodent infestation at your place.

  • Rat droppings - The easiest way to find that your home has a rodent infestation is when you find rat droppings. Rat droppings can be found in all the places that they run around. In this way, you can seal and protect the space from rodent infestation
  • Rat Holes - If there is a rat infestation at your home, you will find your kitchen cabinet or your wall nibbled in the shape of a rat hole. Be sure to find a rat hiding into it. 

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  • Nesting Material - Rats like moist places but love to keep themselves warm and cozy. Finding bits of paper, woolen bits, clothes, and other materials inside your home in the corners is the beginning stage of rodent infestation.
  • Chomped Down Food Boxes - The airtight plastic boxes you store your food grains in when found tampered with rat bites give you a rodent infestation sign. You need to keep a close look at your fruits and vegetables in the kitchen to check if rats have nibbled on them too. 

Rat Control Step-By-Step Method:

You now know that there is a rat infestation, but what’s next? Find out how to keep them away over here. 

1. Find How It Enters - Have a close look into what made the rat enter your home and begin rodent infestation. You need to observe the places that the rats and mice can probably come from and seal the place accordingly.

2. Find Where It Hides - After you find out where the rat came from, the next step is to find its nesting in your home. Remember that rats love to stay in damp and cool places where they are easily available. This helps you implement the rodent control hacks easily. 

3. Seal Things Up - Begin sealing up all the rat holes in your home with grey cement. Seal the outlets of doors and window panes if the rats have dug holes there. With sealed holes, the mouse does not find an entrance to your home or a nesting space.

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4Use A Mouse Trap - Try using the rat traps like glue mats. They are an effective rodent control for rodents and mice of smaller size. For bigger rats, use a rat snapper. 

5. Use A Rodent Control Spray - Killing mice is not the solution to stop a rodent infestation at your home. You need to be extra cautious every time and maintain hygiene so that new rats and mice do not enter into your space. The best way to get rid of rats and mice is to use a natural rodent repellent spray that has the fragrance of peppermint oil, spearmint oil, lavender oil, and lemongrass oil. Such oils are natural rat repellents and keep rats out of your home. 

Choose your rodent control method wisely. Get home a natural rodent repellent spray and stay safe!

Mice Repellent Spray

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