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What To Do When Halloween Decorations Come Alive? - Halloween Pest Control

Witches, ghosts, mummies and vampires everywhere mark the beginning of the Halloween season. Spooky huhh???? Well, that’s not it. There’s more to your terror. Spiders, roaches, rats, mice, bedbugs, fleas, ticks and a lot more. These spooky pests need warm hiding places during autumn and your homes provide them one. Just because of these Halloween pests, you are always a step away from creating a spooktacular Halloween. All these are parts of your Halloween decorations but they become a nightmare when these decorations come to life. Well, we say it’s the perfect time to bring MDX Concepts to your rescue!😉

Let’s Read About These Spooky Halloween Pests and a Few Pest Control Tips for Them


Spider Fun Facts

When you’re pulling up your decorations for Halloween from your store room, you must definitely come across the spiders. There are more than 3,500 species of spiders in California throughout the year but their frequency increases during Halloween. However, most of the spiders are not harmful for humans and do not pose a threat but they definitely ruin the aesthetics of the house. 

Halloween Pest Prevention Tips For Spiders
  • Declutter the attic or any low traffic dark areas in your home. 

  • Seal all the gaps, fill cracks and crevices, block pest entries from outside the home, and replace door sweeps.

  • Use naturally-derived Spider repellent sprays to get rid of spiders without harming your family and pets. 

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Mice and rats are closely linked to death as they carried deadly plague causing microorganisms from house to house and caused Black Death which killed about 75-100 million people in Europe and the Mediterranean region. Many households use plastic/fake rats to decorate their houses during Halloween to depict death and property destruction. But when all people want plastic rats, nobody wants the real ones in their home.

Halloween Pest Control Tips For Rodents

  • Declutter your home and clean it up regularly.
  • Seal all the cracks and crevices to restrict the entry of the rodents.
  • Keeping the junk food in closed containers and throw garbage out everyday
  • If nothing works, fortunately, there are multiple traps, organic pellets and sprays which can help you bid goodbye to rats from your home in a short period of time.

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Termites Queens & Ants


The termites are very pesky pests which can cause a lot of nuisance in the house. A termite queen can live up to many years and lay up to 3000 eggs. Prevent the entry of halloween pests to the home in the first place to save your furniture from their mess. Ants, on the other hand, will be everywhere in your home wandering around sweets, desserts, chocolates and candies. Where there are sweets, ants are there. They are found everywhere in the house even after the halloween celebration is over. You can also use naturally derived halloween pest control solutions for your home.

Halloween Pest Control Tips For Termites & Ants

  • Drill holes in the area affected by the termites and inject orange oil to get rid of the termites. 
  • Termites feed not only on the wood but also on paper and cardboard. So wet cardboard traps can work on detaining them. 
  • The boric acid damages the nervous system of the termites & ants, and can be used as an effective termite-control agent. 
  • Essential oils are very effective in wiping out termites and ants from your home. You can find naturally-derived sprays made from essential oils for repelling the ants and termites. 

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Bed Bugs


Halloween and vampires are quite closely associated with each other. Such blood-sucking vampires in your everyday life are BED BUGS. They enter your home undetected through clothes, used bedding, luggage and couches. They hide in the mattresses, bed frames, box springs and bedding, and feed on your blood. They leave red, painful and itchy marks on your skin. So, if you are planning to rent a halloween costume or buy one, don’t forget to inspect it for bed bugs.

Halloween Pest Prevention Tips For Bed Bugs

  • Keep your bedding clean. Dust and vacuuming the bedding regularly might keep the bed bugs away.
  • Keeping the bedding in the sun as the bed bugs cannot resist heat. Keep the infected bed sheets in the dryer at high temperatures to kill all the bed bugs.
  • Essential oils like lavender and tea tree oil are very effective in keeping the bedbugs out. Essential oil bed bug repellent sprays are very effective in eliminating the bed bugs from the home. 

Despite these measures, if bed bugs still enter your closet, a naturally derived bed bug spray is the best solution for halloween pest control. 

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Plastic Roaches are very commonly used in creepy Halloween decorations and that may be because of their association with the dead insects and unsanitary conditions. Cockroaches are responsible for creating unsanitary conditions around the home and they are responsible for causing many fatal diseases. There are many dishes which are served in the shape of cockroaches.

Halloween Pest Prevention Tips For Roaches

  • Mix borax with a 1:1 ratio of flour and sugar and add a little water to it. This mixture is the best for eliminating the roaches out of your home.
  • Home remedies like sprinkling bay leaves or keeping garlic cloves can help in removing all cockroaches from your home.
  • However, despite these DIYs, roaches are giving you a hard time, you can try naturally derived home pest sprays for your home which are non-toxic and totally safe for pets or kids. 

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Few General Halloween Pest Prevention Tips For Your Home

In case you are hosting a party for your friends and family this year, just make sure that you just invite the guests and not the pests. Halloween season brings a lot of pests to your home as they need a warm environment to take care of themselves and their eggs. Here are a few tips to keep these spooky halloween pests away from your home:

  • Clean the backyard on a regular basis and take all the litter out before and after hosting the party.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean all the holes, cracks and crevices before and after the halloween party to restrict the entry of any kind of pests and prevent their multiplication.
  • While using jack-o-lanterns for decoration, use a paper under the pumpkin to avail the mess. In case, the mess is already being made, scrape off the residue well with a spoon.
  • All the junk must be packed well in a container and kept outside the house. Make sure that the garbage is thrown out on a regular basis.
  • Make sure to store all the halloween food in air-tight containers and do not let it spill as food attracts most of the halloween insects.

Use Naturally derived pest control sprays to control the halloween pests at your home. These sprays are made from natural and organic ingredients and do not pose any threat to the users. They are completely pet & kid friendly and make your home pest-free, and can cause no toxic slide effects to the users.

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